1. I think 1000€ per month is going to be very hard for Italy if not totally impossible.

  2. ... any alternative possible place in Southern Europe or Caucasus then?

  3. Is it possible to do Sicily on 1k per month? If that's true, I'd be over in a heartbeat.

  4. I found rentals at 250€/mo., so it seems tecnically possible. But idk how the other costs of living will be.

  5. It's actually one of THE classic hive mind stories. It's even older than Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead.

  6. What is the name of the story and who is their author?

  7. Yeah, I was wondering if it's based in some sci-fi story

  8. Go back to the dream. Your body is dying anyways, and as the great Frank Reynolds once said:

  9. I'm wondering how much his body was really dying. For sure, he didn't ate in 150 years, but I wonder if he could survive, if Greta is able to give him human-like food. Maybe he could even be able to repair the spaceship, if Greta's home is a water-oxygen ambient.

  10. Maybe I'm a little dumb, but I feel I didn't understand the ending. So, Martha kills herself and the whole moon of Io amplifies her last words?

  11. Alternatively to what the two other users said, she also could have been tripping balls, imagined everything and died boiled alive

  12. That seems more probable, but it takes out all the poetry of the episode hahaha

  13. New York City, Chicago, and So California. In the United States.

  14. Why Chicago? I expected it from the other two places, but never thought Chicago was as really good.

  15. I don't really know, my impression was that Czechs are not particularly good at English, so they inhibite themselves and don't talk to foreigners

  16. You'll have to learn some Czech haha

  17. Noticing the mighty Bohemia also

  18. When and how did you lost virginity?

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