1. Sure, but I didn't stop having sex forever. I just felt turned off of that person and then whenever I felt attracted to someone new that feeling went away, and I forgave myself for going against what I wanted.

  2. This is normal. It's okay to regret sex and if you don't want to have sex with this person again, dont!!! Tell them that you had fun but didnt enjoy the time together. If they ask for specifics then tell them in the simplest, least hurtful way. It might be something that they arent even aware of and can work on fixing. There are many things that contribute to smell and through a womans life they could smell different everyday. It shouldn't smell bad and if it does then she most likely has a health issue that she isnt aware of. In all honesty, telling her in the most compassionate way can save her from embarrassment in the future from someone who is not compassionate.

  3. well i told her that i can’t go down on her , i don’t wanna have sex with her agian but i do wanna have sex again preferably with a skinnier girl

  4. I think being "in" the program versus "living" the program makes this question moot to some degree.

  5. it's for the individual to figure out for themselves. there are a lot of mixed messages out there. we live in an increasingly demanding and stress producing world, and sometimes the best thing for it is fellowship, but other times it's rest and space. introverts have a difficult time in the fellowship for this reason sometimes.

  6. You should be proud you look beautiful , and sexy. Keep it up

  7. those bangs look good on you , you’re adorable

  8. Little young I’d say😉😂 just kidding

  9. Hell no. Find a nice 20 year to breed with. Better yet get four girlfriends, impregnate them all if you are worried about lost time. You do not even need a permit to make a human or 10 humans!!!

  10. Year 2-3 was when I thought I knew everything. My HP ended up humbling me pretty good.

  11. How's your program of recovery. Meetings, steps, sponsor?

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