1. You could perhaps square the decimal, and then draw the square root sign around it?

  2. I've been using Babe Lash for over a year now and I will report my lashes are longer and fuller than they have ever been. There is a cheaper version they make as well called Serloom which is the exact same thing but $35ish.

  3. Just I used it for my second attempt. Honestly with the help of my parents, it was the only way I got it done. And actually today I did my test and passed with a 90. Goes to show websites like that dont teach you much of the real stuff.

  4. I’m an engineering recruiter and imo ME would be a better route, these backgrounds seem more difficult to find and we end up paying more for them as a result. But I would also take a serious look at fall back options. What happens if you don’t end up liking BME? How could you leverage your undergrad edu for a different career path? While you may be sure now, this ends up changing for A LOT of people as your career and life progress.

  5. If you’re interested in biomedical engineering (implants, devices, etc) then mechanical would be your best option. It will provide a better curriculum that is suited for that type of work. Chemical engineering would be better if you are more interested in pharmaceuticals, fermentation processes, waste water treatment, etc.

  6. My advice to any aspiring future or young BME majors who may be reading this:

  7. What's the difference between research and industry? Im confused can you give examples?

  8. It's not a good show. Sure, mindless entertainment. But it's not good.

  9. expected is what you would EXPECT. so by doing a Xx by Xx punnet square,i would EXPECT 75% to have the dominant X trait and 25% to have the recessive x trait.

  10. YESSS changing the amino acids or their sequence is directly affecting the primary structure. and the secondary structure depends on the primary so overall you are changing both

  11. The sequence of the amino acid could affect the secondary structure of the protein because it affects the "local" folding of the amino acid. The polar amino acids attract each other and the non polar amino acids attract each other which then causes the amino acid chain to fold due to the imfs between them. There are two shapes that result in the secondary structure: alpha helix and beta sheets.

  12. should i take ap physics if i want to be a surgeon and major in bio??? i already took ap bio and plan on taking ap chem btw

  13. i legit did all of the frqs from 2019 the night before and they were so easy. the frqs this year...what the actual fawk

  14. The writers aren’t dumb so they aren’t gonna make Sara be replaced. Phil talked about letting Sara back into her costume more on S6 and go through some stuff so they did this so Ava could be on the ship while Sara was kidnaped

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