1. That's about an hour away from where I live so if you need a buddy system to feel safer feel free to contact me @Kevinfluence on Instagram. I cannot confirm if it is safe or not at night as I do not live in the exact area but I can tell you that The Bronx in general is NOT safe at all. It's full of drug addicts. I do recommend getting safety defense like a mace. I do tattoos for a living so I am always doing tattoos in the Bronx and people there say they do not feel safe at all. Yet they continue to raise kids there because the financial situation in New York forces the poor to The Bronx.

  2. Do you realize that this person is asking about living in Baltimore, but the Bronx?

  3. Just realized 🤣🤣🤣 Now I feel dumb, but thanks for pointing it Out

  4. It feels like a dream come true, but with it comes unforseen consequences. Like things don't taste the same in this reality nor do people behave the same. Very strange, but I can attest to it's validity.

  5. The addiction to avoiding our problems. It's very unspoken of because we all know why we avoid our problems and what to do to face them, but we just often times cannot.

  6. Sweet! If you ever need a tattoo artist let me know over @Kevinfluence on Instagram

  7. Honestly the fact that we get to experience love on so many levels

  8. That's gonna need a doctor 💊, antibiotics, and a touch up. For sure!

  9. Let's not outlaw the reasons why people are poor. Just outlaw the poor from fucking. Get the fuck out of here with that.

  10. No one needs to tell anyone how to live thier life. Bunch your own panties not others.

  11. I always regret asking for help. Even if I get the help, I STILL cannot accept it, not the love , nothing. It's the definition of an 'Ask-hole' . Where you ask questions only to do what you were going to do anyway. Self Sabotage Sucks!

  12. Ah, that Pesky REQUEST button giving you trouble? Try pressing it again I'll accept

  13. Word Salad can be thrown out to confuse , or just use subtle tactics of persuasion

  14. A baby lion cub with the crown that is too big to fit would be cute, maybe also a Baby angel carrying a crown to place it on the baby lion cubs head

  15. Honestly I love being able to love. Some people are So lost in other emotions they cant bring themselves to feel Love, even for them selves....

  16. I'm motivated by motivational speeches and videos and motivational speakers

  17. I never meant to let him get hurt 🤕 I took my eyes off him for 5 seconds and next thing you know ... I wonder why our hearts hurt more than necessary over the littlest things...

  18. I'm learning with each heartache and Heartbreak that not a soul can be trusted you just learn to care less and less as you age because people show you their true colors .

  19. Dated a girl, gave her hundreds in tattoos only to have her cheat on me. She STILL hits up my family bothering them about me

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