1. Winny bayonet incendiary rounds, any pistol with incendiary ammo (Scott brawler I recall using), three hellfire bottles with a liquid fire bottle, flares, alert trips, med kit and whatever you want for a final tool, finally insert battlefield 1 bayonet charge scream while randomly throwing hellfires at your problems, you are hellfire and brimstone incarnate

  2. Firstly, it is the Mosin Avtomat based off a gun I can't remember called the something Avtomat, it's from World War 1, or maybe a bit after, you can find the thing it's based off of in Battlefield 1. It's also I think the last unlock for the mosin, for some ungodly reason people use it

  3. Lack of an MG42 wall buy on Verruckt, I wouldn't care if it was just ammo I could buy! I need it for my full map trains! Or lack of a PaP, but if you ever train Verruckt with an STG and Double Tap 1, you know how much fun it is without

  4. Scythia, just Scythia, small roster of units and deep self loathing, all this can be yours

  5. Scythia is fine if you're able to get horse archers out into the open field and use theme effectively. Even the basic axemen you have early on aren't too terrible.

  6. It's buggy, probably won't ever get updated, and is basically an alpha, but 7 Days to Die is on game pass, for all of it's ridiculously broken-ness, I still love it

  7. You can be competitive and or enjoy it by playing on controller instead of Mouse and Key... Well I'll just see my way to the guillotine now

  8. Do you think it'll be unrealistic for me to get every Tier X German tank? My end-goal would be to get every Tier X in the game, but I don't think I'll be able to do that.

  9. Is it possible? Yes, and if you have a ton of free XP and premium most definitely, it's my goal to finish every tier ten in the German tree, but I know how bad some of the tanks are, the Sturmtiger line is supposedly miserable (and I hate the tier 5), the Arty is... Arty... And some tanks are slogs, but I think you could do it

  10. Then it's doable, and I understand the grind situation, but entirely possible to do one whole countries tech tree, all of them? Well maybe in a few years

  11. Personally while the gunplay was alright, my gripes with it tend to lean into the revive system being annoying and the vehicle damage feeling a tad inconsistent even with angling and like being taken into account

  12. If we mean the whole campaign, Tiger/Panther for ground and the P-47 for air with maybe room for the JU-188

  13. We shall Grøft you on the beaches, we shall Grøft you on the landing grounds, we shall Grøft you in the fields and in the streets, we shall Grøft you in the hills and we will never surrender! - Grøfton Grøftshill, cause someone was gonna make the joke

  14. I'll admit, I'm taking this slightly personal as I'm from Ohio, but on a fundamental level, you're not an asshole, you're a fuckin cockbite, if you really cared about him you'd go see him, do him a favor and break up, no sense leading someone on when you don't care

  15. Yeah but they are an in house company in Micro, better micro does more their in house gets in funding, and as for the devs, the only thing they're on the clock for is pushing out the next way to make money, Halo is now a damn close dead series, 343 is just milking the last drop

  16. Magic user becomes really hard with the sucky level scaling

  17. Well as long as you don't power level yourself and you're buying spells along the way it's not so bad, plus the ruins and Welkynd stones make a mages life so easy (just mind your weight limit...)

  18. Ya know I think my brain fucked up and misunderstood the term magic user as being the player, not an enemy mage...

  19. Scythia, as my older brother said "you beat the game fair with them, you'll have my respect as a Total War player"

  20. Well that would be impressive but it's a running joke between me and my brother that Scythia cannot win without cheats or cheese (money, process cq, AI glitching, so on), we know it's possible, just a joke about the unit roster and the way you have to fight in order to win

  21. Having picked it up for five bucks at GameStop, I gotta say I want my money back, I played it for two days (about four, five hours) and I got bored as hell. It started off super intriguing then they just fuck it up. To keep it short, if you need a fuck around game to waste time on, I guess, but I'd rather play Oblivion or Division or anything else... At all... So no it's not worth it if I'm honest

  22. Bombing it is usually the only way to go. I am not sure if M8's can knock out the Tiger, but I believe the M8 rocket (which was on one of the first planes and is widely accessible) could knock out the Panther if I'm not mistaken. It was SUPER accurate too, WAY more accurate than rockets on other planes including Axis ones and Allied Moscow ones at least. If not that, maybe someone can chime in if HVAR's can knock it out?

  23. In my experience, yes M8s can knock tigers, just a bit of skill, luck, dive-bombing and a death wish... So the standard enlisted pilot starter kit

  24. Oh for sure the P47 has too much firepower. 10 Hvars and the 1 bomb guarantee an infantry wipe and tank kill in hands of a decent pilot.

  25. I wouldn't say too much firepower, I rather enjoy it, I just think it would be more fair if the FW190 was the equivalent to a P38 J, and the Axis side got a new plane that could match the 47, like a FW armed with only 15 mil guns, 8 rockets and a 500 kilo bomb, sure it might be more powerful in theory, but German rockets are weirdly inconsistent in my opinion... So instead of nerfing the 47, let's make a competitor

  26. I Would say that the Fw190 is already in a good place. It is already superior to the P38 and an equal to the P47. The P47 gains better ground strike capabilities (as any US plane would) and the fw190 gain the advantage of winning 9/10 dogfights with any Allies plane

  27. Oh believe me I know, what I present was implausible, the only problem the 190 has right now (coming from a console pleb like me) is that it's so damn touchy to fly! I remember doing a barrel roll when I touched my fuckin joystick!

  28. Because they aren't, it's people. I haven't seen a damn person blame a Ford for a car crash, a Corvette for a high speed chase, a spoon for making someone fat, a penis for a guy raping a woman, or all alcohol for what someone does while intoxicated, you blame the individual... Why is this any different?

  29. That's so disingenuous. Cars are for driving, spoons are for eating, penises are for reproduction, alcohol for relaxation and fun, but guns are only for killing. Killing for sport or meat or self defense, it's all about killing.

  30. Again though, you miss the point, these are all inanimate objects that require a human input for something negative to happen. Car, requires you to drive it, forget the break, etcetera. Tank, well same story bigger vehicle. Knives, meant for eating, but there's a reason the military still considers it a weapon. A penis, sure it's meant for consensual reproduction, rape still happens. Alcohol, meant to relax, have fun, and then some drunk idiot combines it and a car and kills the newly weds on their way home. What's this come down to?.... People are fucking dicks

  31. Ya know, it just looks like she's gone off the rail and needs dick, and you're giving it to her, one way or another

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