1. Lol I was expecting you to ask about actors to play the characters, so this was unexpected and funny! To answer your question, yes! That would make the most sense lol

  2. For me it‘s underestimating how much time I need the day of the party and having to abandon some things on my to do list because of it.

  3. Did you even read the comment before replying? If you were genuinely “just wondering” you would have more to address in

  4. Yes, I love it! Speaking of Buffy, have you seen the original Roswell series? I recommend it if you haven’t.

  5. I also loved it! Franco + Sarita ❤️ Well I tried the Mexican version and couldn’t get into it so I don’t recommend it. On an unrelated note, I jumped to watching Rebelde (missed it when it was huge and regret that now cause I love it lol). I hope you find something good and pass along the recommendations to us.

  6. Would you recommend Rebelde? I'll look into it

  7. Ummm….it’s VERY different but I’m having fun with it. In case you missed it there’s a season two of pasion de gavilanes but I’m not sure where you can stream it.

  8. Haha, yes! I came here to say the same thing ❤🛸

  9. Since I’m incapable of pacing myself, I’m aiming to divide the 39 episodes into 13 days but that would mean starting on 5/13 😫

  10. Yes, we believe it was because the other people intended to add multiple mobile homes or ADUs without knowing the zoning laws would only allow for one ADU for that property (2 acres).

  11. I was not a popular student. I played sports. I wasnt a star athlete. I was in the smart classes (physics, calc etc). I did not get straight As. I was as just basic ass, middle of the road high school student as there was.

  12. I had a similar experience but the general atmosphere with us was awkward. It was a mix of fake/overly nice and drunk/tipsy conversations with familiar looking strangers. Half the friends I kept in touch with after high school were above attending and had their own get together. But I think I would still go again if I could.

  13. Can you connect your tv to a computer? Like use it as a monitor? Then I’d find a gif or similar short video to play on repeat.

  14. My friends neighborhood would do block sales, multiple homes would decide on a weekend to all have a yard sale.

  15. I recommend going to a local dealer thats the closest to you. Not home depot etc. You have a big yard but not enormous so maybe a 48-52” deck could do the job for that price range. Definitely look into getting a zero turn mower. I wish i could say a brand but i have no clue where u live or what dealer offers what. Just make sure to get a good warranty with your purchase and remember you get what you pay for.

  16. We tried John deer but they were back ordered 8 months! What should we budget for a mower?

  17. In no particular order: 101.1, 97.1, 104.1, 91.1, 92.1, 102.7 Didn’t realize I had this spectrum.

  18. He is confident in 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9. But 7.... nope

  19. Mine would always skip 15 lol now that I finally got him to count 15, he skips 16 every. time. 🤦‍♀️

  20. I can’t figure out why they didn’t at least mention it? Have you asked your OB maybe Kaiser will still cover it? Mine was fully covered.

  21. I want another set of books, in the multiverse. A universe were she does turn after james bites her. I want that future.

  22. I think we got that in Life and Death. Beau did have to make all those sacrifices.

  23. I went to the Boot Barn on Shaw/Valentine. They have lots of western wear but I only went in to look at the boots. I believe I also saw a place at fashion fair a while back but I didn’t go in.

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