1. I’d say it heavily depends what you want to get out of your capsules. What effects are you looking for? Are you trying to alleviate certain symptoms or just feel good?

  2. Just feel good. I’d like something for daytime use to keep me active, but less anxiety. Then I’d also like something for night time use for sleep.

  3. For me, my saving grace are the butterfly effect 2:1 capsules. They are 22mg Thc and 44 mg CBD.

  4. I guess people have varying experiences with them. I have asthma and I always thought that the lusters hit a little too harsh mostly all the time unless I really try to inhale as light as possible.

  5. SF Dayton. They’re menu is far superior to Monroe’s and they’re much nicer there. Really big selection and legit prices. Watch for the sales. 10 minutes in and out last 2 times I’ve been there.

  6. I'd like to know what everyone else says too.

  7. Agree 100% this is why I’m a long standing customer with Verilife. Just wish there was somewhere in the cincy area that could match their speed & customer service while also having lower prices.

  8. I like the crushed berries the most but enjoy Limestone as well. As an indica guy, I want to try the Burkle.

  9. Black Jack Luster Pod Is Fire 🔥 I haven't had the Mojito or Limestone but the Back Jack is by far the best Luster Pod as far as effects go. This hits like a cannon. Im a pretty much strictly indica user but this sativa pod will give you a blast! If you haven't tried this one, get it, you're missing out!

  10. skip the cincy market and head up too Strawberry Fields on tuesday’s & thursday’s for 10% off the entire store

  11. Interested to hear as well. I use CardMavin right now but it leaves a lot to be desired. But, it’s also only like $5/mo. compared to some of the others that are pretty expensive.

  12. I may be a little late but I’ll post my opinion here: from best to worst.

  13. Verdant is my favorite but you have to order online beforehand to get in and out in a reasonable time. Usually I’m not there longer than 30 minutes when I order ahead of time. A they also have daily deals that you definitely should take into consideration. Tuesday’s are 20% off 1 item. Tomorrow is vapes, Thursday is the more items you buy, the more of a discount you get. And Fridays have been bulk days lately. Their bud tenders are friendly/helpful.

  14. - set an appointment last night at 11pm for this morning at 8am. Appointment lasted 15 minutes had my card within an hour. I can’t express how seemless the process went.

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