1. Its a bit of a drive from campus, but a few years ago I bought a state park pass during my sophomore year when I was going kind of crazy living with a ton of roommates and pets and it was the best purchase I'd ever made. I ended up heading out to Ray Roberts state park late at night after work or classes on my own a few times a week. I got to walk the near silent trails and see some cool wildlife (deer, bobcats, luckily only one copperhead, ect) and it's one of the only places near here I was able to see the stars clearly since it's far enough out from light pollution. If that seems like something you'd be into, just make sure to bring a good flashlight and consider taking one of their guided tours during the day time or evening so you learn your way around the trails on your own. I would highly recommend doing a guided constellation viewing tour. They're free and helped me feel more confident going out at night : )

  2. Here's a piece I did in honor of the Broadway show that closes tonight! It's been a great run and I'm sad I never got to see it in person, but I'm looking forward to the tour this year! : )

  3. the shows they had recently didnt have brightman so im hoping he comes back as he is to me the broadway beetlejuice. im hoping it comes to the uk and maybe he tags along for the shows because itd be awesome to see him as the juice

  4. He was actually at the last three shows so he got to close luckily! Unfortunately I don't think he will be touring because he's moving on to other stuff, but the tour cast seems pretty great from what I've seen/heard so I hope they get to add some more cities to their schedule eventually!

  5. I completely forgot about this, but this post just unlocked a memory for me:

  6. I would argue that increasing the readability follows more along with the actual intentions and aesthetics of the style. It's an intensely humanist aesthetic and if the goal is to be as appealing as possible to as broad an amount of people as possible that transcends differences, I think purposefully making text that obfuscates itself in favor of the design goes against that unless you are trying to combine this aesthetic with another.

  7. I think the text is a lot better! For the overall design, I would maybe rethink the stars in the background because it may be a little bit too sharp for the aesthetic you're going for, but is somebody pointed out it overcrosses pretty well with the phonk aesthetic, so if that's what you're wanting then maybe it's best to keep those. Either way, it's super cool and I think it gives off some fun Sonic Adventure 2 vibes for some reason lol.

  8. I was at the listening party for their new album in dallas a few weeks back and thought some of those would make great beat saber maps! I'll have to check some out!

  9. What was the listening party like? Were they all there? There's actually been a lot of great Polyphia maps over the last few years, I only just discovered them recently.

  10. The whole band was there! In all honesty it was probably one of the worst music events I've ever been to, but that was really more due to the venue and the myriad of technical issues they had lol. When it did finally get working (almost four hours late oh my god), The show was pretty cool and seeing the very surreal visuals up on the screen was awesome!

  11. Is there a way to require a password input before deleting an app? I'm paranoid that I'm going to accidentally delete procreate and lose my files so adding a password I would have to think about seems like a good idea.

  12. I went to insomnia on fry one time in the middle of the day and waited for almost 20 minutes before realizing I could see the only employee there napping in the back room lol. Every other time I've been in they've been kind of rude or just out of almost every flavor cookie. I'll have to give crumbl a try sometime!

  13. Aw hey, that's my art! That's so cool to see someone is using it :))

  14. I know this is a pretty old comment, but are your ram sticks glittery in those pics? they look sick!

  15. The "r" and "c" are very strange and don't feel like they reflect the tone of the rest of the mark. The mark at the top is interesting, but the way it's implemented feels a little disjointed from the rest of the text. I'm sure you can pull in the flared shape into some of the letters, but it just isn't working on the r and c at the moment. You also have a dot in the bottom of that mark that could maybe reflect the tittle on the "i" if you're willing to turn them both into that dot or the hash mark you have now. I'm not sure how that would look but it's something to try!

  16. My shepherd constantly leans on everything. People, the couch, the fireplace, the bed, ect. She's been leaning on a specific part of the wall so long that there's a weird german-shepherd-shaped spot in the paint now. I think they're just weirdos lol.

  17. here's the link if anyone wants to check them out!

  18. I took an ambulance ride in Florida once for broken ribs. I didn’t even call, someone else did. No lie a less than 15 minute ambulance ride cost around $4500~

  19. I had a completely unnecessary "mandatory" ambulance ride from one hospital to another about 15 minutes away during a mental health crisis a number of years ago and it cost nearly $7,000. I was literally there with a car and two guardians who were fully capable of driving me, but the hospital refused to accept me from the other one unless it was through an incredibly expensive ambulance ride. Jfc.

  20. It's a little out of the way, but Just For Grins in Keller is my dentist and they specialize in treating people with extreme anxiety. They have extra training about it and even as someone who has had very traumatic experiences at the dentist growing up, I don't mind going at all now. They do waking sedation for free with just about anything but regular cleanings and are super helpful in explaining what's going on and not being judgemental about how nervous you might be. I'd highly recommend them!

  21. I’ve taught at UNT before and I live in Denton. Currently writing my thesis on the liberal agenda at UNT

  22. Strange that there is absolutely no record of a "Jerry Landcaster" or any variation of that name teaching at UNT at any point and all your recent spam posting to our subreddit is constant whining ragebait posts. Move on, weirdo.

  23. You move on, stop trying to track me down. Once my thesis drops you’re all going to go bonkers

  24. My brother in Christ you could barely string together a coherent two sentence comment earlier.

  25. Hey I happen to volunteer there! Lucky is the sweetest boy, anyone would be lucky to have him!

  26. Same happened to me as well. Lmk if you find a solution!

  27. Unfortunately the issue hasn't been resolved :/ I've tried everything I can think of short of physically reinstalling the hardware to the motherboard, and customer service won't get back to me.

  28. Does it show up in the cooling tab?

  29. No, it doesn't show up their either unfortunately

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