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[Tom Brady] These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business LFG

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  1. I was never much of a priest. If God exists, he’s never bothered with me. I figured since he had the decency to leave me alone, I should do the same. I can say the words well enough, lead a service, advise a sinner, kneel at the appropriate intervals, but faith? Faith has always eluded me.

  2. My father was not a good man. Not a man at all really. He tried his best. Sometimes I wish he hadn't, but no one chooses their parents. I'm lucky I had one who cared to try at all. My birth parents were sick and angry addicts, desperate for any kind of power. What was a daughter when compared to endless cosmic fire?

  3. Read this earlier, love the passion man. I’ve always hated prevent defense, always. It never fucking works. I mean I’m sure it works sometimes, but not nearly enough to warrant the amount of times it gets thrown out there. Like it’s really baffling how these nfl departments spend millions on data and analytics, probably have metrics we can only dream about, and still have yet to figure out that it just simply doesn’t work. If it’s a one score game, and there’s a top ten qb playing on one side and the defense goes into prevent, I’m just assuming they’re scoring.

  4. It boggles the mind my guy. Like there's a reason you run the same shit all the time during the game, cause you've practiced it. Why you trying stuff you haven't been practicing when it matters the most

  5. OP were you thinking about 13 seconds again

  6. I had to downvote you so the counter was exactly on 13. I'm sorry

  7. This dude slapped 3 pictures in there and thought I was gonna read his thesis

  8. Excellent analysis. Anything that excludes Boston goes in the book as far as I’m concerned

  9. Ha'Fadara Baelli, literally translates to City of Blood, is built on a series of islands, both natural and artificial; each of which is surrounded by 30 foot high walls. Each Island only has a couple of ways onto or off it, gated and covered with murder-holes, allows no cover at all. The buildings at ground level are all able to be fortified easily, with balconies from higher stories designed as archer platforms. As if this wasn't terrifying enough, under each island is a network of hidden explosives, to be detonated if the island is lost. The theory being to bleed the enemy through each defensive structure, and at the moment of their victory, when the highest number of soldier are committed, deny them the land.

  10. Assuming successful invasion of an island, is there time for evacuation before detonation? Is there enough room on the successive island to hold the taken/exploded island’s surviving defenders/population?

  11. The Steele. An ancient fortress built atop a cliff and capital of the Kingdom of Harkenlind. It’s is considered impregnable, as no enemy has ever conquered it. It’s walls are 60 feet tall and feature machicolations, along with arrow slits and platforms for artillery. Inside the walls are multiple divided baileys, all leading to the keep, an impregnable fortification on its own. It sits about 500 feet above the sea. There are four gates and gatehouses, multiple drawbridges, and turrets all along the walls. The tallest tower can see for leagues and will warn of an incoming attack, and it’s also equipped with telescopes.

  12. Given The Steele’s elevation and relative inaccessibility, how long could it reasonably withstand a siege? Does it have terrace farms or expansive food stores?

  13. Life on the line. One free throw. High pressure. KAT or a 9 yr old playing in the local community center?

  14. How come they keep saying the Sixers have no turnovers? Everybody saw him get stripped as he was driving the lane by Fred

  15. Refs apparently decided it was a defensive rebound without established possession. The stat box remains a mystery

  16. The crater was two yards across and three deep. It had the misfortune of lying just beyond the property line of the Haley Farm, making it a Douglas problem.

  17. Gritty White veteran slot wr with questionable yet still public political stance… here come the patriots

  18. The cell was dark. Only a thin slit of light struck against the wall from a narrow window. It reminded me of home.

  19. The Apprentice Artificer, Andy to his friends, held the small notepad away from his body as if it might bite him. This was not that outrageous of a thought given the contents. Across the long wooden dining table, the Masters of the Collegium looked at him with open mouths. The Grand Artificer's face was approaching a color of red that Andy had only seen once before (The incident, as it is known, cannot and will not be discussed any further).

  20. I have no feedback. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. You created a very intriguing setting. I also liked the repetition of 'I know' at the beginning. Thanks a lot for writing!

  21. "There's no such thing as magic," Alice said the words, but they felt hollow in her mouth.

  22. LePerfectlyNormalHappensToEveryone

  23. The first empires to crack the titanic forces that bound their worlds did so with metal prows and nuclear hearts. They foraged among the stars with reckless abandon, traversing light years in the span of minutes. They transformed planets into palaces, moons into monoliths, and the dying gasps of stars into engines. They unleashed war on an order of magnitude to match: Guns of blistering heat that spat ions like bullets and shredded shields like tissue paper.

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