1. I need more eye brushes like I need more black mascara. Honestly Id rather have Refreshments🤷‍♀️ But hopefully this makes some of y'all happy. They are pretty and the set has a nice variety if you are actually in need of them. I dont think Ive tried brushes from this brand.

  2. I really like mine. Both under foundation and on its own for a quick no makeup day look.

  3. Great bag! Especially the actual bag. So pretty😍 I love those Pacifica Duos and that particular one is probably my favorite. I reach for it often.

  4. The Dr Brandt, 111 Skin, and Creme Shoppe sheet masks are 3 of my favorite skincare products Ive tried from Ipsy. 100% an awesome deal IMO. Unfortunately Im in the "no spend zone" after buying concert tickets yesterday. Otherwise Id definitely be grabbing this!

  5. Looks like they are just clearing outstock,might not have enough to do another round.

  6. Probably right. Oh well. I guess Ill keep my fingers crossed. I was paused and I couldn't redeem.

  7. Unfortunately what you and your friend "think" the products are worth isnt how it works. Ipsy based it on RV. So while you decided that they were "Five Below quality" and therefore 5 items =$ really need to look up the actual RV before posting that. I was curious as I didnt jump on it this time but would if offered again, and did look up the values. And it was actually well over $100. Im sorry she didnt like the items but thats the gamble with any Mystery purchase. And this wasnt even a purchase. It was literally free product. I will say that smashed boxes do irritate me as I often use items as gifts. And in general its just not aesthetically pleasing to receive. But I think expectations need to be a bit more realistic here.

  8. I ended up making a smaller purchase. I was supposed to receive a truly product a while back and it never arrived in my bag. So I scooped one up. I've been looking for a good volumizing spray for a while, I absolutely love Christope Robin products, and this was full size!

  9. Damnit! I didnt realize that Christophe Robin was FS. That has to be a mistake as it retails for $39. I was contemplating placing another order but I think Ill wait and just see if that is what they actually send and if so hope it pops up again. I did like that hair mask and was also temped by the scrub.

  10. I received the CR spray last month, maybe the flash sale? It really was full size (w/something else, not the hair mask). Both for $5.00!

  11. I just redeemed 3600 pts and still have 17,000. I give out a lot of free bags and get my share of "sorry bout that" points. So I always seem to have an abundance. I try to redeem for at least 1 item per bag because it feels nice to always get a "freebie".

  12. I always do my reviews(which I know takes awhile to build pts). But whenever I get the "free bags offer" to send out I always post on the thread on here. I always get rid of all of them. That will get you A LOT of pts quickly. And they forever mess my stuff up so I always ask nicely for points for my time/disappointment in addition to whatever remedy they offer for the situation.

  13. This was actually the one item that made me super disappointed over skipping. I was actually hoping it shows back up. It sounds so much like a scent Id wear. Interested to see what others have to say and to read the reviews🤔

  14. Ohhhhh...this is SUPER nice! Now I am disappointed that I was paused and couldnt redeem. Hoping they do this again as it seems fun and the items sent out that Ive seen so far look great. Not necessarily all ones Id want but still great items. I 100% am sad about not getting this one.

  15. I do actually think the RV is at least close to $100. Those Chella palettes are crazy expensive ($47). And I could only find a 3 piece brush set similar on Complex Cultures Site($40). So being that this is 4 piece I think the value is close

  16. This is nice but nothing I would have been excited about. I have the mini size of that palette and it is pretty and I like the formula. Just wouldnt need another. And where as the brushes are good...more eyeshadow brushes are definitely not what I need. It would have made a nice gift. I was upset I couldnt get it because I was paused.

  17. Oh no! Thats awful. So I think mine was $64 and some change with tax/fees. That means you are paying $27 for THREE ITEMS that are more than likely NOT going to be comparable unless you really luck out. Wait until you get them and unless they really are things you love and comparable both in RV and product type to what you were to get push for a full refund. Also ask nicely (although thats probably getting hard right now) that you be compensated with a free gift or points for all your trouble and disappointment. Sorry this happened to you. My X Box was one of the few things Ive gotten timely, correcrly, undamaged lately. Although that was ruined when they took away my abilty to review and then charged me for a 2nd bag , cancelled my entire membership and somehow changed then blocked my email. My new PT job has been emailing them. Thankfully everything is finally fixed and remedied. I hope for the same for you. CS has always been so wonderful. Just crossing my fingers that all this mess has to do with new trainees in the merger.

  18. If you dont want the Bailey one without choice you can always contact support and let them know you want to wait for May.

  19. I was in need of a new body scrub in December so I went for the Ginger Splash one offered to me. I wasnt at all disappointed. And I really ended up liking it. My other items were all really good and my bag still had a high RV so I really didnt feel cheated.

  20. I finally just messaged them back saying I wasn’t a full refund. I mentioned a lot of people getting full refunds due to being out of stock. I got a reply an hour later.

  21. Im now talking to 2 different CS agents giving me the run around. I think their plan is to just break me. Like drive her crazy. She cant message us from the Funny Farm. Lol

  22. Update: Im still being ghosted. I tried opening a new ticket yesterday and whereas in the past its never even been the 24 hrs they say it may take....CRICKETS

  23. What you redeem on the 1st and till last day of the month it will come with next month bag. So, you should get them in April.

  24. Oh FFS. Its saying my "Redemption Isnt Successfu". I guess because I paused March. Im bout to throw the whole subscription in the trash🙄 Im never gonna get through these 20,000 pts at this rate! I really hope it doesnt do the same thing later when the new items come up.

  25. Ive given out a lot of free bags on here. Plus they mess up everything they send me. Lol

  26. Anything Quai and 111 Skin. Creme Shoppe sheet masks. Perfumes (Juliette Has A Gun are my favs), bright eyeliners, Purlisse CC/BB Creams, any new foundation/BB or CC Cream in trial size that I havent tried, those Tula exfoliating pads, cute scrunchies, Marc Anthony leave in conditioners, Refreshments (yes I know unpopular opinion). Oh and the CR Scalp Scrub. Just to name a few.

  27. Did you get that $14 111 Skin sheet mask? I try to grab up their products, but $14 for a mask is too much for me.

  28. I saw that but I didnt. I do love their sheet masks but I grab them when they offer them for $3 in add ons. It just didnt seem like a "deal" for $14 when Im used to paying $3.

  29. I ordered the hairset as well. I had that FoxyBae leave in previously and loved it. It has UV protection and beach season is just around the corner so Im hoping to stock up on some more. And the shampoo sounded good. Ive really gotten into the scalp detox/scrubs. I have that Milk Makeup stick in my purse makeup bag and love that too. Its great for a quick on the go look. I throw it on my lips/cheeks/and eyelids. And boom...done🤩

  30. Id screenshot it and try 1st sending to original person. If no response by the 3rd just open a new ticket.

  31. Im actually OBSESSED with that TWEEN.TY stuff! Ive ordered several. It smells amazing. And yes its an odd consistency. Initially I thought no way could I use it on my oily (sometimes combo) skin. But you only need a small amount and it soaks right in. Doesnt leave you oily at all. I love it under makeup and on makeup free days as it leaves my skin looking so beautiful. Its been one of my favorite unexpected Ipsy finds.

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