1. Is which part about this pod normal? Everything looks spot on to me, besides maybe it’s e wanting to be a different color than what you thought it was. Besides that it looks fine.

  2. That’s awesome! I am just now getting blooms on my Scotchies. Still nothing on my chocolate reapers, I will be overwintering all 4 plants for sure, I didn’t spend all this time and nurturing to only have a half way trade off of a crop. Next year will be bumping.

  3. Did you teach them about the birds and the bees

  4. Awesome,I just got My first few Peppers sprouting on My Yellow Scotch Bonnets last week. It was about a week after the flowers starting growing. Happy for You!

  5. Looking good, see a wee bit of corking there too. Good job. Hope you have many more.

  6. Sounds like you need a new sister. However, they aren’t dead, they may drop all their leaves, but they will be back. Peppers are drama queens.

  7. Stake it up, for that size plant with the fruit on it, I’d use a dowel rod snd Velcro strips, so as to be able to reposition straps for safety as needed.

  8. Pepper plants are drama queens, your plant will be fine, it’s not dead, it’s only pouting.

  9. Just out of curiosity, what would be considered cheap?


  11. XFO- says:

    I really love the vast array of moves he gets but as mentioned he’s so glassy. Pretty unfortunate as I think it’s an awesome Pokémon.

  12. He's pretty cool. Super glassy. A fart in the wind would ko him.

  13. Yeah, just got him to fill a Pokédex entry, still gonna keep him, a hundo is still a hundo.

  14. Looks like a line inspection notation, could be a randomly inspected glove for QC; I used to have to inspect paper bags like this many times a shift when I worked in a bag mill.

  15. Have you been using a high nitrogen fertilizer. If your looking for flowers you want a fertilizer that's higher in phosphorus. A high nitrogen will promote leaf growth but not flower growth.

  16. Gotcha. I will have to get one that’s high in phosphorus. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. I’m really new at this too, but since you just transplanted them into (I’m assuming bigger) buckets, I think it will take a little longer to flower as the plant uses some of its energy to spread its roots.

  18. Thanks so much! This is their home before I try and overwinter them. Can’t wait for some blazing pods!

  19. Yes indeed, buena mulata. They are not ripe and ready for picking yet, give them some time. They become more flavorful as they ripen, so letting them vine ripen is a must. Otherwise they taste bland and have little spice. They are mild peppers anyway, but the smoky flavor of a fully ripened pepper is really worth it.

  20. I’m not an expert on identifying peppers, and the pods look a little long, but I think that’s a Tabasco pepper.

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