[Charania] Toronto Raptors‘ Scottie Barnes has won the 2021-22 NBA Rookie of the Year

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  1. Tucker makes inflammatory statement; followed by:

  2. I want to think this team can go somewhere but every loss like this puts me back in my place. We are just barely ok.

  3. Yes, certainly the party of forever masking, forced vaccinations, calling everyone white supremacist is the better one. Certainly the party that can't tell tell the difference between a man and a woman and refers to women as birthing persons is the more moderate one.

  4. Please show me where a single serious person of any party has advocated for post birth abortion. They haven't and youre really drinking the Kool aide if you think they have.

  5. Imo, he was paying for pussy on Instagram. That’s why he went to “unlicensed” massage therapists That is no doubt scummy behavior, but not criminal. Neither is making a woman uncomfortable. I don’t see how that’s evidence either

  6. Paying for sex literally is illegal though. I don't actually think it's that immoral if that's all it was but it's 100% illegal.

  7. I'd like a "Fuck Deshaun Watson" flair so I can continue to support the other 52 guys on the season roster.

  8. You can change one of the jersey flairs with custom text to it fwiw

  9. Wait, so MTG has been tweeting about and giving Biden shit about the formula shortage and then goes and votes against this bill. Wtf

  10. Why would she vote for something that might take away an issue that she can use to whip up the base

  11. I got places to be other than work man its not like the trails take me to every destination I have to go to

  12. I lost hope for society when I saw people claim "all female massage therapists are sex workers"

  13. But deshaun is obviously innocent until proven guilty you can't assume he's guilty without a conviction. Funny how that works.

  14. A lot of times they don’t tell their lawyer the whole story and they end up with bad advice. He likely told his counsel that there was one person, not 22. I would think that any lawyer with the full story would have encouraged his client to settle if they knew.

  15. The lawyer is also ultimately bound to do what the client wants. The lawyer can advise someone settles all they want, if the client wants to fight it they just have to do their best to do it. Maybe he just didn't want to listen

  16. If voters are dumb enough to vote for oz over fetterman in the fall we deserve what we get. Should be an absolute slam dunk.

  17. Im not mad Im just disappointed. Can't afford to keep dropping every close game even if I admire the fight.

  18. Thats one you feel like you should have had. Tough stuff.

  19. Well despite the public push literally nothing has been done to reform policing so if places aren't safe I'd say it's a pretty good sign that they aren't doing their jobs very well and probably do need some reform.

  20. Turn High Street into a pedestrian mall with public transit access only. This is the most dangerous part of Columbus for pedestrians. Too many idiots showing off, racing, or not paying attention.

  21. It makes so much sense too having 4th and summit so nearby to handle the bulk of the north south traffic without having the same pedestrian traffic

  22. Honestly when Dems lose majority, which they probably will, they need to filibuster every single piece of legislation that gets moved

  23. Except the republican party doesn't want to pass any legislation, that is the whole point. They just want to stop the federal government from functioning so they can point to the fact and transfer more and more power to the state governments they largely control.

  24. Oh I’m sure they’ll pass tax cuts or something

  25. Yeah probably, but they can already do that through reconciliation with the filibuster still in place anyway

  26. As naylor appeared to say after that second HR, they don't want the fucking smoke

  27. This would be a good time for a nice striking out the side kinda thing

  28. Not trying to change your mind. But no human being has begun life in any other way. We were all cells with electrical currents forming our heart that will then power our brain. Surely they taught you that in med school

  29. Would you consider every sperm that's ever been left on a bedsheet a lost life too? Every egg that isn't fertilized? We all began as one of those too but no one cares about that. You can just keep pushing the line back with your logic

  30. Will we see completely dominant Clase? Or shit-the-bed Clase?

  31. Biggest reason we fell off at the end of the season is that without Allen we have no one who can fill a similar rim protector clean up role. We have to assume that he will miss time again in the future and find someone who can at least fill the role even at a lower level.

  32. I hate losing to the Yankees more than anything. And the fans acting like that just make it even worse.

  33. Barnes has been one of, if not the most versatile defensive players in league so far. Yes, Mobley does ok when switched onto guard and wings but has spent the majority of his minutes this years guarding the 4/5 position.

  34. I'm not going to argue who is better but saying Mobley 'does ok' when switched onto guards and wings is a huge undersell. He constantly clamped them up when switched onto.

  35. I don’t feel any sympathy for Russian soldiers, any more than I would for a WWII German or Japanese soldier.

  36. Funny because I actually do feel bad for what soldiers on every side of WW2 went through. There was definitely some tremendously evil people involved but most of the average people were just caught in the middle.

  37. God its so fucking annoying how nakedly corrupt this whole process has been and there's nothing being done about it. They're literally bragging about how they're going to get away with flagrantly violating the law and not even trying to reach a compromise. This is the type of shit that makes me hate voters so much for not paying attention enough that they will let them get away with this and continue to support these fucks.

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