1. Why would you get a moderator involved if nobody here is breaking any rules? Somebody disagreeing with you or downvoting you isn’t against the rules.

  2. Dude seriously, if bad advice given to a parent about a 5 year child isn't something bad enough that an admin should be involved in then I shouldn't be here. I know its difficult for aspies to comprehend anything other then there own current states of mind but that's just ridiculous. I'll see myself out, after 9 years with an aspergers individual I've learnt to cut my losses. Hopefully the parent gets professional advice.

  3. A lot of professionals are not people with the disorder or people who have ever had personal experience living with the disorder. A lot of horrid things have happened and false information in the name of studying the disorder that could have been avoided if an autistic individual was just asked.

  4. I have done so and yes I do understand like you are saying that a lot of professionals don't actually have the correct insight into true aspergers and the issues around it, but for me there is a line that shouldn't be crossed by individuals that could have serious negative long term affects for a child that is still very early in his developmental stages, were good measures can be taken to help them instead of applying a label to them that they have no comprehension of.

  5. Don’t think about it as pushing yourself. That will lead to more burnout. You want to be as compassionate to yourself as possible. I think about what rituals and habits are sustainable and sustaining. It’s not about forcing myself because that’s what most often leads to burn out. It’s about finding safe paths for your survival and peace.

  6. Thank you for that and I understand what you mean, but I'm a very attentive single father of a 4 year old that has the same attributes as me. In my early years and teenage years my autism was very apparent looking back on it now but I managed to get my shit together and actually had a pretty awesome life during most of 20's until I met my sons mother who turned out to have aspergers and is basically a self medicating alcoholic she has been since her teenage years, I actually didn't mind this until we had our son and then the typical aspergers traits conflicted with ideals required to raise a child as she was very self focused and basically expected me to run and organize her life, raise our child and still be able to provide each month, even though she was earning a substantial salary.

  7. Apologies if this is a bit too much of an overshare but it's the first time I've put into words what I've been through the last few years, life can get pretty hard if you're not aware of what's going on and can spiral pretty badly if you allow it too.

  8. I'd tell him to go fuck himself and should go back to his studies because he must have missed a few sections and see how he feels. But that's just me

  9. And if he complains remind him it isn't illegal to hurl verbal abuse at him, therefore its okay! /s

  10. I'd get a tent, it makes life so much easier and you won't have to deal with lights leaks.

  11. My partner wouldn't allow for no alcohol to be in the house as she had amxiety if she didnt have some wine in the evenings and eventually I was broken down to such a point I had to leave her because I had no other choice. I know we aren't in the same situation but I'm just letting you see what happened to my side of the coin.

  12. that sounds ridiculous… sorry to hear that brother. hope you’re doing better now!

  13. It's OK and was for the best but it took me a long time to start getting my shit together, your gf might seem like she's being a bit unreasonable now but these types of things can have long lasting negative impacts on relationships.

  14. This book irrespective of the title is meant for all and should be read by all.

  15. Tried this before in this sub via Telegram, it unfortunately failed horribly, we never had anything to talk about.

  16. That made me laugh so hard because I can relate.

  17. I didn't have a good relationship until I read this book

  18. St John's wort helps me tremendously and I don't need to take it consistently, only when I feel the serotonin imbalance. It cannot be taken with other anti depressants but it has zero side effects for meand does the job of boosting my serotonin levels when I need it.

  19. Does he have a special interest like cars or dinosaurs? Mine loves dinosaurs and can talk about them for ages if im present with him in the moment. I also ask the teacher for specific things happening in the class each day so I can ask him direct questions about how those were, like them building a volcano diorama.

  20. Self analysis and awareness, i read alot and empowered myself to have an understanding of why I was feeling certain emotions, once I was able to do that it became second nature after a few months and things became easier to navigate.

  21. Okay thank you. I honestly already feel a lot better after finding out I was autistic but I'm sort of afraid it won't last. I found out about a week ago. I'm going to try my best to really dedicate to self-improvement. I despair pretty easily but you've given me some hope I can actually get better.

  22. Well I'm glad I could help a bit at this point and yes there is hope and definitely a lot more, just don't beat yourself up too much as we tend to like wallowing in our own self pity. Life is short and we're the only ones that can pick ourselves up in situations like this.

  23. It gets complicated when kids are involved, have you reached out to any therapists?

  24. I did the same but it only lasted for a couple of weeks, might be your brains way of increasing dopamine with junk food so don't be hard on yourself and go with the flow for now.

  25. You can try putting up either a white board or a to do list in visible sight with start and end dates attached to the different tasks, if that doesn't work then therapy might be a good route to take to try and help with motivation.

  26. Sometimes we all just want to watch the world burn. don't be too hard on yourself but be mindful so you don't fall down that slippery slide.


  28. Yip coke in my 20's and booze in my 30's many years lost with my head up my ass

  29. Most likely he is living in a bit of a fantasy world and has created elaborate stories in his own mind a out the two of you, the best thing to do is speak to him very directly and calmly and explain that his actions are making you very uncomfortable and he needs to stop and control himself. You need to be very blunt but try to not be hurtful.

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