1. Highly expected from british monarchy to be full in line with neoliberal globalists

  2. Типичный польский куколд

  3. Nie pierwsza i ostatnia zagrywka w polityce. Hitler zastosował podobny zabieg naciskając na Kurta Schushnigga, nałogowego palacza poprzez prowadzenie negocjacji w budynku z zakazem palenia.

  4. Hitler w ogóle był mistrzem manipulacji, nie pamiętam już czy to przy okazji anschlussu czy rozbioru czechosłowacji, ale kazał wyjść dyplomatom po czym wydarł się żeby przyszli do niego dowódcy Wehrmachtu, tak by wywarło to na nich wrażenie że inwazja zaraz się rozpocznie.

  5. plz your highness pavel destroy polska and revive austro hungry or at least coronate absburg in poland

  6. This is anecdotal, but i used to know a Polish couple that were so homophobic and racist that it would give the Klan teary eyes of admiration. Absolutely vile spew.

  7. I hope so. They made me absolutely sick. My stomach would churn reading their posts. I do not miss them at all.

  8. To be honest, Poland is changing rapidly right now, after the death of Eryk from Zamość, the tolerance for violence is no more, now any violence is reported to authorities and whole of internet is leaking videos and data.

  9. A na drzewach zamiast liści, będą wisieć komuniści!

  10. If you look at the wings where feathers meet its more pronounced but it could just be the pics. Honestly i think its a tough call maybe some one more experienced can chime in im kinda curios now to find out lol.

  11. I’m no expert in Wz.31 helmets but a couple things appear “off”. The Wz.31 helmets had a “salamandra” bumpy texture applied to them. This one looks like the shell may be a Wz.31/50 (same design as pre-WWII but made post war and smooth), potentially with an aged repro liner. I could be totally wrong, but I am not feeling 100% good about this.

  12. Not all had that texture, we have one at school, it's in perfect condition and it doesn't have that texture

  13. Putin is not a good ruler but he's doing at least better than liberals. I love in ex-ukrainian region of Donbass that recently joined Russia and I couldn't not agree with the events of 2014 and 2022 because in Ukraine I wouldn't been able to even speak russian, not even saying what they do to people who express pro-russian views, which I am

  14. Russian federation doesn't have colonies

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