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  • By - DT775

  1. One other thing, people may be skeptical about this given you're a marketing person. It might be good to have a dev or artist talk about it instead l.

  2. I should probably mention then the team is absolutely flourishing, the game is working and the designers can’t keep up with how fast the programmers get the work done.

  3. Looks like a great opportunity! I've been doing blender for 2 years or so and I'm hoping my position as an artist will land me something like this. I'm 15 currently but I was wondering what you think are the most important skills for an artist to have. What kinds of things are you looking for when reviewing a portfolio?

  4. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to have anyone under 18 on our project. When it comes to portfolios all that matters is the quality of the work and its relation to your particular field. It doesn’t have to be much it just has to be really good in my humble opinion.

  5. Team of programmers seeking animation director, programmers

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