1. Damn Islam vs Khamzat would be wild. Khamzat seems way too big for him but who knows. Except he’ll probably have moved up to MW by then

  2. Khamzat destroys Islam bad. He's bigger, stronger, better reach, equally effective if not better wrestler, a striker with more power etc.

  3. For Killua: a hexagon surrounded by a circle, on his yo-yos and seems to be related to the Zoldycks.

  4. Sometimes, yes. I think it can occasionally make what's going on easier to digest. Some color choices are Blue Youpi, despite him being red on a cover! Color can make an easier transition from anime too. B&w is always good tho, and sometimes the panels just work better in b&w. Read both!

  5. this was posted in hxh source discord

  6. If it's just another one of those theme cafes, I swear I'm gonna massacre a random clan in the Lukso province.

  7. Man, really hyped for Hisoka vs Bono, wish HxH had more drawn-out, longer death battles like this.

  8. I was hooked ever since Killua ripped out Johness's heart, but it wasn't til Gon vs Hisoka in Heavens Arena that it cracked my top 10.

  9. Yes, pretty easily too. Sub and Bara were good but nothing incredible if GI Arc, injured Killua managed to take Sub out.

  10. Its not boxing thats why, you literally have to dominate every second of the round in order to get a 10-8 in mma

  11. What a masterclass by Cruz. After losing the first round, he made Pedro look more or less like a moving punching bag in the latter two.

  12. Why though? Charles was always a nightmare matchup for Gaethje, it was pretty obvious. He's a god at Gaethje's kryptonite, the ground game.

  13. Dom takes the decision any day, but Chito is dangerous til last second. It's how Chito won against Edgar too, after being outwrestled for most of the fight.

  14. Cruz + constantly being trashed despite being the most decorated fighter in his division, name a better duo.

  15. Which current “iron chin” fighter do y’all think will get cracked next? Holloway? Moreno?

  16. If he keeps fighting this way, can't see more than a few fights left in Max.

  17. There's no way anyone can make a Hisoka vs benelonov joke out of this, there's literally nothing here

  18. Obviously Hisoka covered Bono with Bungee Gum and is using In to hide them both.

  19. Morel probably figured out that Leol used Flutter's ability to find him, since he knew Leol could "borrow" abilities, and killed Flutter when he got back. Or, Flutter succumbed to his injuries, it's possible he was barely alive when Leol used his power.

  20. Nice list, I love Killua but I don't think he should be above Kurapika, Hisoka or Shal. Kurapika has a strong case to top this entire list after how he's handled the Succession Arc.

  21. Sad to see people are starting to take these updates for granted.

  22. I know we'll probably never find out, but man am I curious about Neon's death. I bet Kurapika would do everything in his power to prevent her from dying, he even spared all of the Eye collectors he beat. I think suicide is the most likely

  23. Unlike Bonolenov, Killua petrified Rammot with his bloodlust first, which made Rammot unable to defend himself. Rammot was also a novice at Nen, and it's possible he was still injured from taking both Killua and Gon's attacks earlier.

  24. When Hisoka and Kurapika killed Troupe members, it was personal.

  25. This, not to mention going after Silva would likely mean incurring the wrath of the entire Zoldyck family, which would probably just kill off most of their members even if they succeed.

  26. He wants to do 10 more so we will probably have to wait till maybe October.

  27. October is too early. 1 chapter has 19 pages, so the next 10 will take him roughly 180(190-10) days or about 6 months. So it'd unfortunately be February, 2023 at the earliest.

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