1. The furry cons bro. There was the one furry con where they trashed the whole place. I'll look up the name later. However this isn't exactly a uncommon thing for their events. Almost like they wanna become animals?

  2. its only kinda reasonable when its the custom modes or chaos modes bc otherwise like no one would join

  3. Just want to correct you- Tigerstar 2.0 is only the grandson of the original Tigerstar. Tigerheart’s mother is Tawnypelt’s son, and Tawnypelt is Tigerclaw’s daughter.

  4. i dont know if you can die from just losing an ear, maybe an eye idk

  5. when trophy league ended i was like "where are the boxes i have enough star points" and then i remembered 💀

  6. if it makes you feel better the mafioso probably wouldnt have attacked anyways knowing you had a trap placed

  7. Didnt even count :/ but must hawe been big number

  8. if you post it when ur chat message is still on screen 1. thats annoying and 2. probably counts as spam

  9. "Why hate people who understand it's a survival game and not an oasis public hangout game, but kill not only when they need food."

  10. no i mean i understand people need to kill to survive when the food spawners are taken. But be fr, moonelle and minawii aren't giving you much food 💀

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