1. If you cheat on your girlfriend she is going to find out and leave you. If you aren't compatible, leave instead of cheating

  2. That means that you need to wash it a bit more often. Not everyone can go that long without washing, I'd be itching too. I wash my hair twice per week, it's very healthy, and keeps the itch away

  3. YTA - I've fainted at the sight of blood before and I managed to give birth. You don't have to watch it actually happening. Stay up by your wife's head. She needs you and you need to get it together to be there for her

  4. I'm testing out Ormande Jayne Frangipani today. So far I like it, I get a lot of lime, frangipani, it's a bit green so far. It smells like a really lovely shampoo thus far but I've only been wearing it a little while

  5. ok, I like the opening a lot but something in the dry down is going funky on me. I'm certain that it's the tuberose

  6. YTA - family dinners are exactly where you go and drink. Your kids won't be traumatized by seeing their aunt drinking. You don't get to dictate what others eat or drink

  7. Agreed, a hand held shower is a must for me to get everything properly clean

  8. that's the part that is grossing me out the most. His genitals and ass must reek

  9. They aren't being honest. All of their candles I've tried have been very sooty which is why I won't buy them again, among other reasons. I don't use any kind of candle holder

  10. I went through CBT-I therapy but couldn't really do the sleep restriction part of things because I have bipolar disorder and restricting sleep leads to mood episodes. It's not recommended for bipolar people for that reason. It did help a bit but mostly finding the right sleep medication and getting my hormones sorted out helped more.

  11. 7 to 10 times, I shower at least once per day, sometimes twice in summer

  12. I’m in my mid 40s and hear this a lot. People think I’m in my 30s when I feel like I look like my age. I just tell them that’s what 46 looks like.

  13. I’m “aged out” of most beauty content (47 yrs old) but I did find a 60+ yr old who does makeup for us older chicks lol 😂 I wish I could find someone who isn’t 20 yrs younger or 20 yrs older than I am LOL. Like I have fine lines, not deep wrinkles or smooth “young skin”. There’s “hot and flashy” but again, she’s almost 20 yrs older than I am. I enjoy Wayne Goss’ content tho

  14. I’m 46 and really like Risa Does Makeup and Stephanie Marie on YouTube. Both are in their late 40s

  15. In the media I see a lot of American breakfast being stuff like waffles, pancakes and putting stuff like syrup on bacon etc. If that is a bad representation that I apologize, was just wondering if it was true and if so why.

  16. She is not going to kiss him, it’s obvious she’s not into him

  17. Great reviews! We have pretty opposite tastes but I want to sample all of these now

  18. I have Petal Poppin and two years later it's still getting regular use!

  19. I’m jealous! I love the color. But I just expeditor be able to use it longer than four months

  20. I mixed Zadig & Voltaire This is Her and Commodity Milk Personal. Smells heavenly

  21. that sounds amazing. I own these two and will try mixing them!

  22. I love and own a few Tom Ford scents and it sucks about the price. But, I just save up and get the ones I love as I can't be without them. I own Velvet Orchid, Lost Cherry, and Ebene Fume. I'd love to try Rose Prick but don't want to fall in love with another one!

  23. I've only tried Myth and Apres. I like and own Myth but hate Apres on my skin. Apres is pretty popular though and most people seem to like it. I'd like to try more from the brand

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