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  1. I can’t quite make out what the first 10 seconds is saying. The song is in Zulu.

  2. They just need to crunch the numbers again... crunch

  3. Quick update, she doesn't seem to like them! 😂 She's honestly so fussy. I will continue my search. 😋

  4. Lol you have a Diva there! Have you tried

  5. She's definitely a little diva. 😂 Delivery to the UK might be a bit pricey on that site.

  6. I never call my chinch by her actual name. Usually she just gets called chinch or chink. 😂

  7. Someone once posted on reddit about "the anchor scene" in Ghost Ship, saying it haunted them forever. Interested in how bad it could be I looked it up on YouTube and it has haunted me forever too! 😂

  8. Also, if the printer prints a page and messes it up (IE cancels itself) you will get charged for 1x page. 😑

  9. This is pretty annoying. It took me a while to figure it out.

  10. What these sellers do is list it at 50p plus free delivery and you think "wow, what a bargain" but they set the minimum order quantity to 2 and then when you select 2 they've set the postage to be really expensive. Amazon need to clamp down on that!

  11. How old is this animal and when was she last pregnant? She looks extremely young, but that appears to be engorged nipples. Are you feeding her vegetables? maybe dandelion greens? Or some sort of supplements? Are there other chinchillas in the cage/room?

  12. Is there an issue with dandelion greens? I get dried leaves in a pack from the pet shop, she likes them but are you saying they're bad for them?

  13. David Wallace was the best non-main character! 😋

  14. 🎶 It's a hard knock life, for chinch 🎶

  15. Sounds like a lovely lil chinch that won't be easily startled by loud noises or motion. Make sure you look after him well and approach him gently.

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