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  1. Moral of the story: Never go to jury duty.

  2. Phrase of the day: Plausible Deniability. Just those two words are enough to get your jury duty cancelled.

  3. walking stick in the hands of the right person can be an extremely dangerous weapons said nobody.

  4. I think Vince McMahon said something similar what a handicapped wrestle tried joining the WWF(WWE now)

  5. So how long until you think you can beat Siswet?

  6. Shiny Psyduck. I will never evolve my shiny Psyduck.

  7. They didn't " forget " to turn shinies on , the rate is just really really low.

  8. Throwback to when they turned off shiny chances for Taillow

  9. I don't think it's specifically a problem with something so minor, I think it's to do with multiple minor things. Niantic doesn't exactly have a good track record with keeping the fans enticed to play., especially looking back at how the game was in its first year as opposed to now. (I personally got a 1 star Mew when it first came out before they did the whole Stat Revamp). It's all these little things that keep building up and building up with no positive outcome for the consumers. How long would it take you to give up on something (or someone, if being compared to a relationship) that has been slowly making you more and more disappointed/angry/unimportant?

  10. No, but only because your bio said you don't do meetups

  11. Golden Tea, because that's the only one I have unlocked.

  12. Ummm... but it's a rare nundo? I'll take it off your hands if you don't want it.

  13. But then its stats would reroll and would no longer be a Nundo.

  14. do you live in a large city? i noticed a huge difference between my small hometown city and the capital of my state. Goodluck holding any gym for more than 5 minutes.

  15. That isn't the issue, the issue is there are so many more Red and Blue players than Yellow and I can't even make enough coins to get a Team Change Medallion, let alone any worthwhile boxes

  16. The ability to see if online friends have a remote raid pass or not.

  17. This. I've resorted too just making my buddy "No RR Passes" because people keep inviting me to raids that I won't pay for.

  18. If you win a raid you should instantly be able to interact with the gym

  19. That would run the Team Bonus for the rest of the strain of the raid

  20. Since I've gotten the daily adventure incense, I always thoght "Why don't I get any encounter for the incense". Yesterday after I used it again and encountered a random pokemon I saw before I entered the screen with a wild ponyta I could see for a brief second a pupitar with the blue incense ring. I flew fast from the ponyta to get the pupitar after it disappeared. Then I encountered a wild buizel for then before I went into the catch screen seeing again the pupitar and again I flew from the buizel but the pupitar disappeared. Today I made a screen recording so I maybe could show it to you guys so maybe someone can tell me how to fix it. As you can see for a brief second the galarian slowpoke with a little bit of the blue incense. I already tried logging out while incense active same as closing and deleting the game.

  21. So if I understand correctly, the incensed Pokemon only appears for a split second and then disappears?

  22. Just use the Hundo for both. You've already powered them up too much to be worth anything for PvP outside of Master League.

  23. which is better for Master League I was wondering

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