Literally shaking rn! One of my good friends asked for a favor. If her sis in law could stay in my guest room in Miami for her BBL appt… BIG REGRET!

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  1. As long as it's less than a year expired, it is treated as current

  2. Thanks, we were using hair ties, but this will likely work a bit better

  3. I guess I'll throw my own trip report here, too.

  4. I'm surprised you could stay until 2p, we were told we needed to exit before 1p. Which, we accepted, since toad had put us well past the noon window.

  5. Definitely hearing that all over as I walk around, too... I'm also surprised there aren't as many staff around to guide lines. Sometimes, these impromptu queues show up, and it's very difficult to tell where they lead, and I can only imagine how this looks for people who get the afternoon blocks. I was there in the morning in the first slot, and it was already pretty hectic.

  6. Yeah, the random ends of lines for maybe the cafe or maybe a key challenge were interesting to navigate

  7. Where they refer you to a “financial advisor” who’s actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing where they only exist to sell you life insurance. In which they guilt you for your impending death with nothing to give your family unless you buy their bullshit.

  8. Go to the AFRC, there should be a few people who can sit down and help set up a budget for you

  9. I love your games and have them blending in on my bookshelf getting more love than the books around them. I backed Hollywood and added on Deadwood, since that's missing from my collection. The year is 2156 and your great-great-great-great grandchildren are running the business, what 20XX game are they making?

  10. Awesome, glad to hear you're enjoying our games! Thank you!

  11. Just be careful since Forbidden Island already claimed the seas are rising and humanity is disappearing into the water!

  12. Dumb question, the tickets say the event starts at 5, but that looks like the main race. Are there separate tickets for the qualifying earlier in the day or do the 5p tickets get access for the whole day?

  13. Which do you value more, points or cash? Sure, flights are cheap from SoCal, but each airline has different sweet spots. Southwest regularly has deals, and their points required correlate to those prices.

  14. You might consider booking a hotel stay to get free express pass access

  15. Southwest occasionally has pretty good deals (as long as they don't repeat their Christmas mess), and some times their sales are cheaper than driving (I've seen less than $100 round trip to Oakland/San Francisco)

  16. There better not be very many people each 2-hour block for that to be enough time to enjoy the ride, eat, and interact with the various parts

  17. What about a change up...official type of PIE.

  18. I could get onboard with pie at parties; it's way easier to provide a bunch of tasty options

  19. Chantilly cake is fantastic. But screw NRO. lol

  20. I don't disagree. Whole foods makes a delicious Chantilly cake with berries, and I've definitely made some in the past. If the NRO wants it to be their official cake, perfect.

  21. I wish they had a DL date, too. I have a work trip during the DCA date, so I can't go to that

  22. You got in to register prior to 11am?

  23. Keeps saying our tickets are not valid to make a reservation?? We have silver passes

  24. There’s a time selection portion. After selecting dates, the page should’ve auto scrolled down to show 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm

  25. I wonder if guests will be cleared out for each time slot or if guests can remain throughout the day

  26. In my frantic button clicking, I must've missed where to select a time, but I ended up in a 10a reservation slot. I wonder how many times each day are available

  27. USH pass holder scroll down to Super Nintendo, have pass holder ID ready

  28. I ran the numbers again two years ago, and I couldn't find a resale contact which made sense.

  29. I guess be the data point you want to see: today Simpsons was posted at 80 minutes and we waited 20 minutes at 3:30p

  30. In my experience, this isn't like Lightning Lane at the Disney parks because the amount of Platinum Passholders isn't big enough to really draw out a line (compared to Lightning Lane and Genie+ that technically any guest can purchase). You'll see a bump up in some places, sure, but it's not like standby and Express suddenly become equal or anything.

  31. Thanks! I wasn't sure if express lines would go from okay to long and regular lines from long to unbearable.

  32. That's literally how we call it in the air force. Other services call other commands differently because that's how they want to train their people. How often do we ever use commands outside of attention, parade rest, and at ease anyway?

  33. My point was, the Air Force uses made up words, too.

  34. To your last bullet, what about calling "tench hut" instead of "attention"

  35. I realized it's cheaper to pay gems for the last few levels than to get the last character +850 happiness in the last event

  36. That's unfortunate. I wonder if registration is still open. If so you should be able to call member services and have them register you.

  37. Called, and they were able to help out! Thanks for the suggestion. I thought it was a long shot since the WDW ones go so fast, but it looks like it still have availability even now.

  38. Glad to hear! Yeah this one seemed really easy to register for.

  39. I guess there aren't a lot of local DVC owners willing to go to a school night party to combine with the ~100 VGC rooms. Whereas Florida has thousands of rooms and plenty more DVC members staying elsewhere on property fighting for summertime MM events

  40. AND Make sure your relatives are updated in vRED for casualty notification. If something goes tragically wrong, you want to make sure the right people get the insurance and the casualty notification team can promptly contact next of kin to avoid them seeing a message on social media.

  41. The rock looks like it isn't aligned with your eyes/body. Maybe it's just the angle, but having it off to the side could affect your accuracy

  42. Passholder previews are free to anyone with a pass.

  43. We bought passes a few weeks ago, but our first visit isn't scheduled until 1/7 will we still be able to register for the previews? Or are we out of luck because we haven't activated anything?

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