1. What's done is done and can't be undone. I disagree with your assement that these people are traitors. A potential threat is not a realized threat and running around the world squashing anything that might pose a threat to us in some distant unrealized future is a good way to get every other country on the planet to turn against us. China posed a threat and an opportunity and we as a nation chose to purse the opportunity in spite of that threat.

  2. China will fail? Thanks to free trade, China lifted 300 million people out of extreme poverty. Compare that to India.

  3. Who has China gone to war with in the last 30 years? At present they are in a state of armed stand off with most of ASEAN over its illegal seizur of territory in the South China Sea. It actively went to war with Veitnam in the 1970s, and currently is engaged in border skirmishes with India. China has had the luxury of having the US secure its supply lines for them the question is who will China be at war with in the future as the US stops securing China's supplies?

  4. I think China is happy with the status quo. This chart tells the story which is trajectory.

  5. They need to just default on this "debt" and call it a day because I know I'm not paying shit. I didn't make this debt and I'm NOT paying a dime of it.

  6. One out of five dollars isn't "debt" in any traditional sense. The Federal reserve simply created ("printed") new money and "loaned" it to the government. That would be this money.

  7. Well, between old established Republican hawks and the new oxymoron, the progressive-neocon, we can be sure that cuts in military spending is off the table.

  8. If your company can't survive without hiring, it can't hire enough without paying more, and can't survive when raising wages, THEN IT SHOULD FAIL.

  9. The restaurant that CAN will be an automated restaurant, and the $22/hr employee will manage the robots.

  10. What are legislators supposed to do when they keep spending our children's money?

  11. Address it at the point that the budget is passed. They shouldn't be passing a budget that could result in a default.

  12. With my Advantage plan last Sept. I paid for two MRIs at $ 174 each; three specialist visits (ortho walk-in clinic and a spine surgeon) after a disc ruptured. (The MRI of the spine followed by an MRI of my kidneys and abdomen when the spinal MRI showed "something" on a kidney.) Total = $ 438.00 I was about to have surgery to fix the pressure on the nerve once-and-for-all when I learned that would involve outpatient surgery, (or a possible one night stay in the hospital), then 12 weeks of twice a week PT at $ 30 a session. That would have been over $700 minimum. Those totals are what I would spend in copays with my Advantage plan.

  13. I have the option of a separate MA group plan from my employer with a max out-of-pocket of $1000 if needed.

  14. " using Medigap in my healthy years, only to be told later on that my subsidized retiree health care can be obtained only by accessing an employer group Medicare plan, which is something I fully expect."

  15. I don't know the answer to your question, but the discount window has the rate that the Fed lends to banks - currently 4.5%.

  16. The debt ceiling and the budgeting process need to be combined, so that no budget is approved that doesn't correspond to the debt ceiling limit.

  17. I find that the common advice comes without a disclosure on whether the person giving the advice derives income from the sale of Medicare related insurance products or not. 😉

  18. My comment was what I'm seeing on this Reddit only - that there is a lot of advice from people who seem to have skin in the game, and don't disclose it. I said the first stop should be the SHIP agency.

  19. The one thing that gives me pause for thought is the Fed's quantitative easing, and now quantitative tightening.

  20. I think the debt ceiling should be dealt with when the budget that reaches the ceiling is passed. When Congress passed the last budget, it should have been determined right then and there whether the budget would result in the debt ceiling being exceeded.

  21. I'm in a Med Advantage plan. My primary care physician (PCP) left the group, so I selected another doctor at the place and designated him as PCP.

  22. Total billing came in. New patient visit $190. Provider was paid $92, patient responsibility $0. Between the time the appointment was scheduled and when the appointment actually occurred, I made sure that the PCP on my insurance card matched the doctor I was seeing, and that zeros out the bills.

  23. Maybe this lengthening of the uninstall window will work.

  24. Isn't this a weird out for the Repiblicans? It's saying they are like children, we shouldn't have trusted them with governance because what did we think was going to happen?

  25. The government had fallen in love with the Fed printing away the deficits. About one out of five dollars of national debt was simply new money created out of thin air and "loaned" to the government.

  26. The artificially low interest rates and the Fed's purchase of $2.7 trillion in mortgages directly led to investors buying houses that otherwise wouldn't have bought houses.

  27. What share of homes are owned by investors? When you say investors do you just mean homes that are rented?

  28. Medigap policies cover hospital stays up to 365 days.

  29. I would be very surprised if this is the end of the low interest era. If they try to get back to the usual neoliberal stuff that preceded this change it's most certainly not.

  30. Having the interest rate below the inflation rate requires money printing quantitative easing, because the Fed uses new money to be the lender of first resort, driving down interest rates. They buy the securities deemed "risk free" at near zero percent, and rates for corporate notes adjust relative to the risk free treasuries.

  31. For those who want to read the report itself, it can be downloaded here.

  32. The supply chain problem has alleviated quite a bit. The ships aren't stacked up in California ports any more. I'm seeing cars on the showroom floors now.

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