1. If I remember correctly, I believe it is 9 but I can't be 100%

  2. But your first match will most likely take the longest and be the most fiddly so be ready for that

  3. I still can't work out why other stores have it before Nintendo's official store. They've been out for a while and Nintendo haven't got them up yet.

  4. Are they double sleeved or something? I also have every card, sleeved, and still have 6 foam inserts I can take out for more room.

  5. they are single sleeved, but i also sleeved the dividers. Do you have 95 factions total?

  6. I have every card available so far. I wonder if ultra Pro are really that much thicker

  7. I've sleeved mine in ultra Pro and I've removed the munchkin set entirely and I'll only just be able to fit the rest of the cards in.

  8. I'm not sure if I've read your comments right, but both main schemes need 32 threat on them in 4 players before they advance or complete. It's still a very quick threat to go through, but that might give you a bit more time?

  9. You can survive two full turns without any threat removal at all and if everyone stays in hero mode and someone removes one threat, you'll survive three turns with 31 threat on the main scheme. Then the second scheme is the same situation.

  10. I use a smash up bigger geekier box at the moment. I've had to remove the campaign exclusive cards, but so far, it fits everything else up to and including sinister motives, sleeved with Sleeve King branded sleeves.

  11. I don't have the rules to hand but I believe if you can't fully complete one action, you must instead choose the one you can.

  12. When was it announced that madness wasn't coming back? Was it to do with the puzzle at the end of the video?

  13. Yeah I already watched the video. Jim says some of the info is false but never says it's the madness cards that aren't returning?

  14. The swirly two are for Sauron, the pterodactyl villain (

  15. So according to the asmodee release sheet, Vision is coming next week. According to Amazon UK, War Machine is also out. But there's no mention of The Hood but I would have imagined the boat carrying War Machine would have also brought Hood?


  17. I use a Smash up bigger geekier box while I sleeve with sleeve kings brand. I have everything up to mad titans (no hood or war machine yet but I have Valkyrie).

  18. I use a thunderstone quest (smash up bigger geekier box). I'd say I have about half a channel left in the box. That should be enough for up until sinister motives but I'd say not much else

  19. Is there a ruling on how to handle the card back here?

  20. You're supposed to be able to see the card after you've shuffled it in from what I remember. The initial shuffle must be done blind but if you see that it's the next card in the deck afterwards that's not a concern.

  21. I use a Smash Up bigger geekier box. Top allows rulebooks and tokens to be stored. Bottom holds all cards sleeved so far with about 60% of the last channel still free.

  22. I use a Smash Up bigger geekier box. Top allows rulebooks and tokens to be stored. Bottom holds all cards sleeved so far with about 60% of the last channel still free.

  23. I haven't tried it myself, but you could try using two side-loading sleeves maybe?

  24. If it is put there by the card that states "put the top card of your deck into the collection" then any card can go in the collection.

  25. Where did you find those D10 counters? I haven’t been able to find them at all.

  26. They're part of the 1st accessory pack for aeons end. Came with the blue, yellow and black gems as well

  27. Given all of the talk about storage that's went on lately, I thought I'd show what I did. It's not exactly the most elegant but it's got every gameplay related item into one smash up bigger geekier box. The only thing that's not in is the randomisers for everything along with the individual dividers that come with the accessory packs. Any questions, feel free to ask

  28. Yeah. Page 3 of the rulebook and then the winning conditions in each encounter

  29. I remember reading a play testers comment that hinted there was something they were working on that wouldn't take up more space in the bigger geekier box. Could be more titans?

  30. I got it from eBay. All in all with postage and import I think it was around $60

  31. Yeah obviously the marvel one is pretty new, but there’s some give in each row for easy access to cards. I could probably smush another expansion into it but I don’t really want to do that. Still I want to have room for dice and things. Maybe it’s the sleeves? Dragon Shield Mattes are a thicker brand but I’m sure that adds like 5mm a row.

  32. Mine looks the same as yours. Enough room for the goblins and that's it. All expansions were bought new and immediately sleeved if that makes a difference. I've squished then down as best as possible and I might be able to fit another 2 factions after goblins at a push.

  33. 21 new mages, so this is a new big box/full game? I've been considering where to enter. 21 mages would be pretty nice, as that's was a big part of what I was looking at in my potential decision making. Hmm.

  34. They say within that podcast that this expansion will be designed for veterans of the series in terms of complexity so it might not be the best one to start on

  35. Some people have posted responses from The OP saying it will be coming this month, and AEG has said it will come by March. So hopefully it will come out sooner, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come out until March

  36. I received an email today from AEG saying it was coming out this month so the 27th seems likely

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