1. Just as an update on this, it's been licensed by Tentai Books and vol 1 of the eBook and physical has been released.

  2. Cost of food shopping is getting disgusting, we've been able to just absorb it but our last shop at Morrisons was just over £140 (for five of us) and we didn't even get everything we wanted, it was more of a top up shop.

  3. You're very welcome. This game was tons of fun when I played and I hope you experience the same. I love how silly it gets.

  4. I know a few people at reasonably big gaming media. They work remotely. I do know that some gaming media outlets have offices that staff work from though.

  5. My idea is to go exactly against the flow and get attention that way: "Wow, I (media persona) just got this CD/USB-stick in my hands. It has a cool package that grabs my attention. I haven't seen something like this for ages. Maybe I should find the time to check out what it is."

  6. I had a chat with a couple people about the idea and did a bit of research. Some takeaways that you might find helpful:

  7. Reading physical books. I still like eBooks well enough and they're often cheaper which helps. But I find it easier to read text on paper rather than a screen and just prefer the feel.

  8. I get constant emails from Steam Curators. Who have big followings and their email address is exactly correct.

  9. I've heard that most big Steam Curators that do this are a scam. There are stories of groups who run dozens of curators all with fake followers - so the email is legitimately from them, but the curator itself is dodgy.

  10. Personally, I felt that the world was the best part about the series.

  11. Dumb question, but couldn't you just stop buying gas? Like just end your deal with gas company. Do houses in the uk still need heating this time of year? I live in denmark and we have similar weather, and my heating has been turned off since late april.

  12. Most households in the UK rely on gas for their hot water. No gas means cold showers/baths, no hot water when doing dishes, etc. Many also use it for ovens/hobs, though having electric fan ovens is fairly common.

  13. I wouldn't say completely forgotten, but Neopets. Used to play that a ton when I was younger.

  14. My school was literally called "St Mary's Catholic High School", it was on my jumper. I had no idea people called it secondary school until much later in life lol.

  15. Mine was also a 'High School' and not a 'Secondary School'. Confused me for a while when I was a young'un.

  16. We had a transition from "infants" to "juniors", but it was just a different playground and different part of the school.

  17. Yes, but have they tried not having Netflix? - A Tory supporter.

  18. I wish these sort of things were a genuine talking point, rather than more well-off people (mostly Tories) trying to bash the poor with it or people hitting back by ignoring the idea completely.

  19. Oh definately. I have a friend that's in benefits and he spends the occasional £10 here and there in a game, alcohol or sometimes something a bit bigger, and so what.

  20. I know we've not seen much of them yet, but I'm really liking Sprigatito. The grass cat is just cute.

  21. I’ll be honest I never knew it was a visual novel. I wasn’t really keeping super up to date with the info. But that being said I’d have looked up reviews or gameplay before buying and then found out. If a person just heard digimon and bought it blind then they can’t complain when it wasn’t what they expected.

  22. Tbf, there were no reviews before release. The company didn't send out review copies even to big outlets like IGN before the game came out. The only people who had it before release were lucky people who got a physical copy early.

  23. Did I imagine it or did they admit they lost the original code and had to remake the game? That could be why

  24. They changed developers and remade the game in a new engine since the old work was mostly unusable. This was quite a long time back during the development process though.

  25. Pokémon Stadium. My family would always rent it from Blockbuster and we eventually got it for Christmas after a few years. All of the modes

  26. I remember renting Pokémon Stadium from Blockbuster too! It was definitely a lot of fun and it was amazing to see Pokémon fighting in 3D at the time.

  27. Pokémon Legends Arceus is my overall favorite, though I have the same nostalgia for Blue (also Red/Yellow).

  28. I'm definitely enjoying this, though I do feel like the constant exploration sections are slowing the story down quite a lot compared to a standard visual novel.

  29. Hmm I'm not that far in yet, but I hope it isn't too bad. Visually it's definitely one of the better visual novel type games I've played. What chapter are you at?

  30. Sooo, it's just mostly a VN with actual gameplay taking a backseat?

  31. It's supposed to be like 80 percent VN, 20 percent gameplay.

  32. I'm pretty bad at this but I put in a couple of wins for you💪

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