1. Curse language barriers. But the idea of learning Japanese for light novels and mangas just seems to silly to me

  2. On one hand, it's a ton of time and effort to expand the range of entertainment available.

  3. Wtf is that title, did i read that correctly ☠️

  4. You read it correctly. If you'd like more details, you can

  5. Interested to try this out. The original was one of my first 'VNs'.

  6. Glad to hear from the comments that support isn't ending, though kind of curious how good it is. I've heard it's easy to use, but that products made with it can be unstable/perform poorly, but don't know how true it is outside of a few examples.

  7. Sorry for necropost but #1 makes it more confusing.

  8. Presumably the difficulty gives them reason not to do it, but it doesn't mean it's impossible.

  9. There's the technical side to worry about - consistency, that it can't seem to do hands, weird output at times, etc.

  10. If this were a standalone game, how would you feel about it? I loved Utawarerumono 2/3 but I don't tend to particularly care for prequel stories like this.

  11. I hope the new one goes ahead. I've already seen some people online trashing the game due to the graphics, but hoping that it doesn't stop people from giving it a try.

  12. Imma contact the mod for the sub and see what is going on.

  13. Good luck! They never replied to me when I tried, despite occasional posting. Apparently someone else tried the same too before, but no reply. They have about 20 subs, most of them inactive.

  14. Why didn’t MangaGamer publish It, it makes no sense for Shiravune to do that.

  15. It's not the first time that Shiravune have localized something where another publisher has links with the developer.

  16. If you just want some general recommendations, I've listed some below. Most have H scenes.

  17. Hey, thanks for the giveaway! I love the Fallout franchise, but unfortunately the last iteration I played was New Vegas. I absolutely fell in love with Fallout 3 and subsequently New Vegas, however I moved away from console gaming and have been a lot more frugal in my adult life with video games. Computer library has been a little more difficult to build up. Appreciate the consideration!

  18. It's a pity that Sprite won't play along to uncensoring, but definitely a victory for the others! I know NekoNyan tries to get them uncensored whenever possible.

  19. Sprite didn't accept uncensored version?

  20. Yeah. It's the same in Aokana and Aokana Extra1. I assume the same will be in Aokana Extra2 as well. They don't seem to allow removing the mosaics.

  21. If Mordaunt didn't have 100 backers she would have folded by now

  22. I don't know. She might have 100, might be really close or might be bluffing for negotiations to give it up at the last minute for a good position in Sunak's cabinet.

  23. "BREAKING: Majority of Tories now backing Sunak as public declarations tick up to 180 MPs. Mordaunt still on 25 MPs"

  24. May be as honest as Boris Johnson's was, but apparently her team is briefing that they have 100 via private pledges.

  25. Even if it was the $4,000 number she was (lying) about, I just couldn't feel sorry for her. It's a voluntary transaction, you either think it's worth your time or you don't. If you think it's a lowball number, say "thanks, but no thanks".

  26. This woman is literally evil, how on gods green planet earth did she become the head of the Home Office..

  27. It may be a requirement of the role. See: Theresa May and her role in hostile immigration.

  28. Things are getting worse and worse every day. Why not let Labour be in charge for a few years and then blame them for all the problems at the next election?

  29. im not sure why VN devs even bother with steam. I get the visibility, but just dump your stuff on GOG (i understand muramasa is on gog already). Genre's so niche anyways I don't think it would affect sales that much. I certainly look at GOG before steam when it comes to VNs anyways.

  30. Apparently it hugely effects sales from what some devs/publishers have said.

  31. I've not got a Steam Deck sadly, but I did get to try one briefly. It seemed like it'd be far too heavy to hold for a long time.

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