1. You could use them as a background it’s really pretty

  2. Thanks for the compliment, by all means use it as a background

  3. That’s the plan Stan. Great pics!

  4. If nfts weren't dead id buy that off you lol

  5. If that is not a big compliment then i don't know what is. Many thanks friendly redditor

  6. Welp the first three pictures i used the in game photo mode of Ghost of Tsushima where i use different color gradings, play around with exposure bias and contrast (black and white). Add some particles (leaves, ash & embers, violet petals etc...) And adjust the time of day.

  7. I understand. (And if English isn't your first language, you fooled me. You seem to know it pretty well anyway.)

  8. I was curious if DMX made that up or if he was quoting someone in the beginning of “Slipping.” Now I know!

  9. Listened recently to slippin in a good while, and whilst reading this quote it sounded familiar. Read it outloud and went wait this is X. Wanted to see in the comment section if someone else knew. Hehe thanks, have a good one

  10. It's all good man, glad that you did. Would be a big bummer for newer players

  11. True . I was thinking of going to put spoiler tag on it awhile ago but ended up forgetting about it XD . Thanks for looking out

  12. I believe that you will get them on the ps5 only and would have to play on a ps4 to 100% legends on ps4. Im basing this on what seems logic to me. So i could be wrong

  13. You restart the entire game... hence new game plus you get to keep outfits, gear, techniques and accesoires. So if there is a mission in act 3 in your current playthrough and you think i will play it in my NG+ you need to clear act 1 and 2 again before being able to play a mission in act 3.

  14. I didn’t want the villagers to get cold in the winter. I make it a point not to destroy the doors. I’ve wasted a good hour opening them…

  15. same here of the ones that still have their lives and their homes during/ after a mongol invasion it would at least spare the doors of their houses.

  16. I went from hard to lethal + and i remember that ronin, damn took me a minute to beat his ass

  17. A nice little detail with the blue sakai armor is it's raining plus you use the water stance there. Very well done, they look amazing

  18. You either start all over, learning all stances, and getting all types of gear and weapons to use. Or you simply do a new game plus where you keep everything. With that said and you are willing to olay the dlc.. it's a bit harder than the main game. You can acces the dlc after act 1

  19. Thanks only started playing couple of days ago and its very good looking

  20. Ive finished it lol started new g plus yesterday i kind of rushed the story the first time on this playthrough im taking it slower doing side content on the way

  21. bro is been 4 for years evrey played it now

  22. Even if it has been 4 years there are tons of people who can't afford getting a console to play rdr 2 or have the time or whatever reason. even if it has been 10 years... keep it spoiler free is all im saying. there are still a hand full of games that i want/need to finish and or play but lack of a specific console or game is currently keeping me away of doing so. a time lapse no matter how long does not justify spoilers. ( at least that's how i see it.) in the very least you could have used spoiler tags/warnings or maybe blocked the thumbnail (not sure if it's possible on reddit)

  23. Hey at least put some down some spoiler tags/warnings

  24. I mean just the title it self saying goodbye kage is a massive spoiler

  25. Do NOT do the iki island expansion before completing the main game first

  26. Hey you might want to add a spoiler tag because of some pictures. Pictures look great, good job. I just finished my third playthrough (first one on ps5) and i mainly enjoyed the photo mode.

  27. 154 hours to plat (including all throphies from the dlc) 154 hours... what can i say i enjoy photo mode:heart_eyes:

  28. You might want to add a spoiler tag because of the last photo

  29. I bought the ps4 version when it came out (base ps4) and it looked amazing. Not sure why it's looking the way you described it...

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