1. I’ll give you all the money in my bank account for these precious items

  2. Cool, but tell me more about that strat?

  3. It’s a 2017 Fender Elite! I have the exact same one with the exact same configuration

  4. I work in the music industry in Nashville TN. They payed close to 25K for the use of the song. 200K wouldn’t be possible, that isn’t realistic. The commercial probably cost about 15K to shoot, ain’t no way in hell are they spending 200K for the soundtrack. Turnstile took the loss at first, but will make up for it via exposure

  5. How many people were waiting, if you don’t mind my asking?

  6. This is besides the point, but I like the blue nail polish

  7. ESP but there's a typo on the setlist and so they broadcast whatever's live on ESPN at the time

  8. Beach House covers Weezer “Undone (sweater song)” once again

  9. Any discount codes? Buying a lot of stuff for friends for Christmas & am broke

  10. Yes I have it! From the 93 simease dream release show!

  11. i was standing basically directly behind you guys, and i swear i almost cried last night when alex didn’t get my record 😢

  12. This is amazing! What time did you start lining up in order to get the front row? Seeing them tonight for the third time :)

  13. We waited only about 50 minutes, I kid you not. We were 6th in line. I saw them in Chicago on the same tour & I waited 2 hours, I was like 100th in line. It really depends on the show, location, city

  14. Most likely every single event for the rest of the day across Chicagoland will be cancelled. Parades, fireworks, etc.

  15. Yes they have been cancelled!!! I was performing at the Bitter Jester Music Festival across the street! Everything has been cancelled

  16. It’s a guitar pedal, that’s what is making the synth sound.

  17. Mine was numbered 331/340. I purchased it after the show. For those asking about merch, most items were still available after the show, just didn’t have many size options

  18. I got mine here in Nashville, rumors are true, I paid 50!

  19. That sweatshirt is cringe af. He never said that literally, but as a joke

  20. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this for so long. Thank you.

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