1. Sad but true. Im a assistent, and this happens way too often..

  2. From personal experience, Sinesha. She is an all-around good champ and is usable almost everywhere

  3. Chelsea with a 80mill +25mill add-ons tommorrow

  4. That doesn’t sound like a very fun home life. Hope you’re better now!

  5. The first guest in ages iv actually know who are and they can't come??? Yyy

  6. Started watching pewds in 2011 in high school, now i'm a teacher aswell

  7. Is that Becky Lynch? Loved her when I was young

  8. Things that are forever… wu-tang, diamonds, wakanda, Wab and Wena

  9. Can I ask how? I've gotten a few of compliments on that one before

  10. Well it's no secret its a filter? Some filters are too much

  11. Lol my dog does the same every winter. It's like he got a new toy when I get it loose

  12. STOP READING THE GOD DAMN CHAT! It's only complaining, or spamming. But Hila can't take her eyes away from it and influences Ethan

  13. Odegaard, but I want Nketiah to prove his doubters wrong. Including me

  14. Kuol was a free agent for me in my first save in the first summer transfer Window. Became a legend at the club

  15. Everyone pewds collabs with gets cancelled

  16. They just slapped sakas face on floyd mayweather

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