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  1. שניצל תירס זה טעים, אבל אל תשווה אותו מול שניצל טוב בהכנה ביתית

  2. Why news keep repeating that? No decent country accepts the referendums

  3. Isent that the whole point of them though?

  4. I believe the intention is that dozer thingy get the blow, leaving the vehicle intact, clearly its not the case here

  5. OP do you get paid in USD or RUB for these posts?

  6. This is not combat footage this a propaganda video

  7. And half the stuff coming from Ukraine is also the same, grow up

  8. Well thats one headline i never expected to see in 2022 but here we are

  9. The real fools are those throwing their life away for uncaring higher ups

  10. What does it matter, it cant happen

  11. I am as pro Israel as it gets in most issues. On this one I gotta say Israel has let me down. Come on man, they are just gonna treat a grand total of 20 people. This is just symbolic. They could have, if they wished, contributed a LOT more from either humanitarian aid or actual defense equipment.

  12. I get your point, i too agree israel should do much more

  13. How much more should Israel do beyond what they have been doing?

  14. In my opinion? Weapons transfer

  15. Thats the teal definition of sheeple

  16. On the right side, make the whole crossing a section, dont devide it or you open a door for deadlock (imagine a train stuck in the yellow (possibly both yellow and thr purple track to its right, blocking the whole junction)

  17. Calling him a solider implies he was part of any formal PA organization

  18. I believe this is actually Ahmad Al-Ouna, a member of Palestinian security forces

  19. Possible, at least three gunman killed, we cant tell whos that one exactly

  20. Reminds me to continue with my condensator build lol

  21. Thats a deadlock nightmare waiting to happen

  22. Dont wash unless something realy realy dirty happend, and they look a few months old

  23. Damn, even aljazeera couldnt come with such a fake BS title

  24. Imagine the situation today if we actually spent the monwy needed to get effective anti nuke means

  25. Natural? They gorging on Russian fuel like no tommorow

  26. They are complete religous zealots, the idiotic kind

  27. A. Yes we need more races B. No, dont raceswap anyone

  28. Thats a good summary of this subreddit lately

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