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  1. Ya I’ve heard those first two. And aladdin one is called speechless. I’ll try the third one

  2. I may be way off, and I took a movie approach, but here’s my list: Toward The Sun by Rihanna from Home (2015) Spirit by Beyoncé from Lion King (2019) When You Believe by the queens of vox, Prince of Egypt (1998)

  3. Is this post serious…? Foreskin..? That causes more maintenance and health issues with having it than not? Don’t create issues for the sake. Men have actual issues than getting your foreskin cut off as a baby

  4. I’ve never had issues with talking to authority figures and even speaking my mind assertively.

  5. When people bring this up tell them the Titanic and Holocaust happened during the same time period and that Donald Trump was born 10 years after and watch them shut up

  6. OT: OP is a bot btw. He’s copy and reposted two popular threads less than 24hrs old from this sub for karma farm. Please report.

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