1. Like others here I respectfully disagree. I understand your points however it never made sense to me that the clones turned so immediately on the Jedi without question as depicted in ROTS

  2. No they're excellent soldiers; the "stormtroopers can't aim" thing is based on times where they were intending to miss

  3. Even if they were intending to miss, they were still following orders. Orders of the bad guys right?

  4. I don't think it's really addressed but one assumes that it came up eventually or it didn't and it didn't matter. Plagueis was trying to end the rule of two so he might have talked about it when stressing why it should end

  5. Absolutely start with the shiny but you'll eventually have enough to do both. Nice scores!

  6. It's fine, you can get better. Shadow gyarados is better solo than mega gyarados, but a high IV mega would be more worth investing in when compared to these stats

  7. 98%. The one IV doesn't make that much of a difference though. Had the CP of the 96% been way higher than the other, I would've said power that one cause it's less investment

  8. Baltoy doesn't spawn very often right now but overall not rate to have a claydol

  9. How new is this ? I had gathered 3 SRRs prior to the recent Shadow Mewtwo event with no issues during the stacking period

  10. Maybe it was because of a mod, but in the playthrough I did last year all buffs, from force powers to stims got removed once a arena fight started. Both on Dxun and Thelos.

  11. Probably the mod. I play Xbox versions and do as I suggested all the time, never an issue

  12. If you mean as sperm, no. It lacks metabolism of its own, all it does is create energy for the tail to move and release enzymes to degrade the zona pelucida to enter the egg

  13. People say a lot of things. It just means that the particular genetic makeup that would become you as you are now was the one sperm to make it to the egg and survive. It doesn't mean that it holds our identity

  14. I like using luxray with psychic fangs to wear down rocket leader shields or just drop defense stats. You could purify for the Hundo or power it up as is, both are reasonable options

  15. Hyperspace tracking is just about guaranteed, the trackers know where the trackees are at every given moment

  16. Ok so both methods involve calculations, but one method is just estimating a destination and the other method tracks their current position?

  17. Basically yeah. Hyperspace tracking is harder due to the physics of signals traveling from something moving faster than light hence why it was only developed later on

  18. Careful, or the devs will hear about your enthusiasm and cripple this incense next

  19. My brother recently told me something of shockingly good insight for being the relative moron that he is. He has a small child and he works only 4 days a week in a kitchen, but he could work more if he wanted to. The three days he doesn't work, he does 100% of childcare so his partner can work/sleep in/relax those days

  20. Very true. When I was in daycare I was working with my son going there. He's 5 now my step daughter is 10 and her mother passed away so that time doing girl stuff is important to me and her and I feel like tired grump most nights

  21. I'd double check your local laws and see if working six days is permissible. It's not permitted where I'm from to schedule employees for more than 11 days in a 14 day period so maybe your area has something similar

  22. Depends on the domain. Biopsych is definitely science whereas social psychology is more soc/humanities

  23. If you can handle the lynel there, it’s a good place to farm. Put a campfire under the arch if it starts to rain for the Sit till morning option

  24. I actually usually go up the cliff side above the gate. The pieces land there often anyways

  25. Best place to camp is the gate where you get one of the memories by Lanaryu Promenade. She flies right over it in the mornings I think. Finer details can be googled

  26. It’s the second best shadow raid attacker for water types.

  27. Megas can’t be shadows, hence why I said shadow. And you can only have one mega on your team so unless you have 5 shadow swamperts, this will be amazing

  28. Not even worth keeping. Shadow diglett/dugtrio aren't good for anything, and purified will only be 98%

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