1. I worked at a coal processing plant in North Dakota (relatively dangerous but it pays extremely well) and now that I’ve moved to Texas, I’m a maintenance lead at a well known auto manufacturer. Plus both of my BMW’s are used and I have no kids or debt. Takes planning!

  2. I miss when we had guys that could scrap. Now I’m watching Bruins KO’ed by Simmons

  3. And Tom f’ken Wilson. I wish he would get his @$$ handed to him more often…. Can’t stand him.

  4. Let's not forget The Spin with Bergy and Fligy

  5. Came to make this comment! I wish they would always show this too!

  6. TLD Motocross gloves! Cheap, breathable, and tacky!

  7. So, what DID you do with those vaginas, eh? And how did they lead you to Reddit?

  8. Have they ever sold the practice jerseys?

  9. Yeah. I feel like they have every year prior…. I mean, you can type in NHL practice jerseys on even Amazon and you’ll see official Adidas (and their Amazon store) practice jerseys for….Blackhawks, Blues, Red Wings, etc

  10. I don’t want to ruin cool ones like that. I want one I can wear paintballing and whatever. I want one that can get beat up some. Not a collectors item, you know? Anyway, thank you. I appreciate the idea.

  11. Awesome ! What year is this ? And also is it worth keeping another beemer as a daily

  12. This M4 is a 2015. My E9X 328 has been fantastic, honestly. When I purchased it, both of the VANOS systems had been replaced within 5000 miles and it’s just been flawless. Honestly, that 328 was my first BMW and these cars just drive so fantastic that I like driving both. I think it’s awesome to have two cars that are great to drive so in my experience thus far? Yes. It’s worth it to have a fun BMW and a daily BMW.

  13. Sorry to hear about your dad, but that’s neat that the watch has that extra meaning. I’ve had a Planet Ocean for years and still love it. These thing are heirlooms when treated properly.

  14. Who is a bigger shit talking goalie? Binnington or Tristan Jarry?

  15. I just don’t love the new grills. Way too big. Nothing to do with money even. I think it looks great everywhere else over the new front.

  16. Shouldn’t have to modify it to “fix it.” I’m not opposed to modifications, I just don’t think I should need to buy $3000 kits just to make me happy with the front end of my car….but that’s just me and it’s also why I don’t have one of these new M4’s.

  17. I’ve had a few women (maybe a handful) that recoil from pain when they tell me to really “put it in all the way.” Not bad for being 5’ 6” I’d have to say….

  18. he screams "no mames" is a mexican expression of anger and disbelief

  19. I speak Spanish. It means “watch this sick bike trick.”

  20. Sorry to hear, my friend. Hopefully you were okay though.

  21. My most favorite of all Yeezy’s! Comfort? Really surprisingly good. Plenty of boost so the bottom of your feet won’t get sore and enough room where nothing will cause hot spots. I have them in the same size as my 500’s and 350’s and they fit perfect.

  22. Women can grab a man in almost any capacity (his chest, butt, whatever) and laugh it off but if a man did that to a woman? Holy cow look out!

  23. Not exactly. If I watch something particularly graphic it might make me want to do that with my wife but I might get disappointed if she doesn’t exactly do it (I love watching women swallow for example and my wife just can’t swallow….) but also, in the same line, seeing something might make me excited to do either that act with her or just put me in the mood in general which can lead to plenty good sex.

  24. Nicky Reed! Agreed about discomfort. Either way - this doesn’t belong here - they’re a 36C (I believe) and totally natural. She’s Czech and all pure and unbelievable. My most favorite of all time.

  25. “I just started this podcast and I don’t get any of the inside jokes.” Fixed it for you. Give it a month- you won’t be able to see a bag of Doritos without thinking about knife missiles.

  26. I wouldn’t say that at all. I appreciate the show - it just sort of seems like a weird and somewhat hostile dynamic. I’m still going to continue to listen to it - just wanted to know if she was upset in those particular episodes or if it’s always like that. I don’t know who these people are.

  27. Sophie is basically the only force keeping Robert in check.

  28. Hey thanks. I appreciate both the answer and sympathy.

  29. I mean, that zombie was clearly trying to eat their brains while he was getting snake venom sucked out of his upper thigh. Zombies are bad and well, we all know the only way to kill them with a gun and a bullet is to shoot them in the head. Fair play.

  30. Lockers are the best thing in the game.

  31. How do you keep the thing alive? I feel like moving from area to area my cyclops just always gets f’ed up badly by Leviathans.

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