1. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Maybe I'll give Bard a try. But I'm curious, what makes Thresh a blind pick? I've done it before and had to face a Morgana/Sivir bot where I get poked to death and both of them can block the hook.

  2. I honestly cannot believe they'd have the audacity to give Zilean a new look in LoR without giving him one in LoL. haha, it's like putting salt on the wound!!!

  3. I tried ranking solo with just Nami and it was brutal. When I'm with my buddy who knows how to capitalize on her strengths, we usually do well, but when doing solo que... brutal. She requires high synergy, and in lower elo's that will be impossible to find consistently.

  4. I would reccomend not playing support. Some might say I am wrong in this, but for me at least bot lane is very hard to carry from. Especially support. Your MMR is probably fairly weighted as well. I have a good friend who was stuck in bronze foe a season and he stayed there a long time at a 50% WR grinding to Silver.

  5. How much LP do you gain with each win? How much LP do you lose with each loss?

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