1. Highly recommend looking into the Medical Service Corps (MSC) via a health professions recruiter. The MSC has its own board process and requirements. The accessions guide for AY23 is available online.

  2. You got some info about the 32E civil engineering path, but I’ll also let you know about 43E (Bioenvironmental Engineering), as we target engineers of all disciplines. Check it out in the AFOCD and Air Force websites to see if it’s something you’re interested in. Selection is into the biomedical sciences corps (BSC), and has a separate application via a health professions recruiter. Feel free to pm me with questions.

  3. Obvious question: why didn’t you just compete for an OTS slot as a civilian? You’re going to need to apply at your first duty station instead.

  4. It’s a long story. In short, my officer recruiter made me to believe that it is impossible to get into non-rate OTS unless I aimed for pilot. Hence, I decided to join enlisted.

  5. I once had an advisor who said that “W” on a transcript can stand for “wisdom” rather than withdrawal.

  6. I’ve never asked, but it probably doesn’t stand for “fun”.

  7. Talk to a health professions recruiter in your area. The process is pretty straightforward if you already have your BSN and meet all medical requirements for commissioning. You’ll get scheduled for an OTS class once you’re accepted into the nurse corps.

  8. There are likely a few PHO’s that’ll see this post, but I’ll chime in (current AD Bio officer, 43E)

  9. You could always skip it and buy it there if you really wanted to/you found yourself needing it after arrival.

  10. What’s your afsc? Recruiters don’t handle assignment locations, you have functional teams at AFPC who do that (at least for AD)

  11. Yes, get them sewn on prior. You’re going to have a really hard time finding blues sew on rank for the coat and shirts.

  12. Actually no. I work at an AFMC base where it’s heavy civilians and I work in a directorate with zero officers. So no. Asshole

  13. For engineering majors frustrated with the non-rated process, I continue to point out Bioenvironmental Engineering (afsc 43E) as an alternative. We’re medical direct accessions, run our own board each Oct, and there’s no AFOQT required. pm me for more info.

  14. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t have kids, do you?

  15. If you got through kid sleep deprivation, you’ll be fine at OTS. Best of luck!

  16. With any luck, you’ll have an advisor for your thesis hours who will keep you on track, set goals and deadlines, and be available when you hit any snags. Each field is different, but for me (engineering), I had a 12 QH thesis requirement. We had semi monthly meetings with predetermined milestones. Your time management skills will be tested, but it’s difficult to say what will and won’t work for your specific situation.

  17. It’s just like the full 8.5 week OTS, just shorter.

  18. Thanks for the quick response, I figured that's how it was. It's my understanding that the regular OTS does a diagnostic PFA around week 2/3, and then the official closer to the end—do OTS-A students just do the diagnostic as the official?

  19. You’ll get two chances to pass the pfa like everyone else. Most people score the diag as their official and move on. However you’ll get another chance around week 4, which you must pass.

  20. Gone and will never come back (per discussions with current OTS instructors). It did not go well during its initial trial.

  21. Nothing wrong with looking out for future goals, but you’ve got plenty of time to figure out your options. Heck, you might realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  22. One of the Lts in my squadron was a part of that trial. To say it did not go well is an understatement. He’s recounted to me what a horrible experience it was, how the prior SNCO’s behavior resulted in some UCMJ actions, disenrollments, and more. Those folks demonstrated exactly why everyone needs the full program:

  23. Agree 100%. Having been a prior e MSgt and attending OTS-A, I believe the AF/SG is making the right call here. I’ve seen the sub par officership from the AFMS, and something needs to change.

  24. One possibility may be Bioenvironmental Engineering (AFSC 43E). Typically we prefer engineers, but occasionally I’ve seen chemists sneak in. We board differently than the line OTS side. Look for a medical accessions recruiter in your area and feel free to message me for more info.

  25. The numbers of LOR’s isn’t really the factor that would add weight, even if multiple were allowed. It’s about including specific examples of leadership.

  26. It sounds like you’re judging, and by proxy, discrediting your colleagues. I would take a good look at how you’re dealing with this perceived “devastation” and come to terms with it. Disappointment is all relative.

  27. By “something medical” are you referring to the HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program)? The program is only available to civilian applicants. If you separate and get accepted into a qualifying medical program according to the HPSP, you’ll receive a direct commission and incur whatever service commitment is required for that program.

  28. There’s quite a bit of info on MSC in this subreddit, and the AY22 accession guide is available online as well. I’m a 43E, but work with the MSCs regularly. They run all the non-clinical and non-specialty clinics of a hospital, have about a 50% acceptance rate, and a somewhat unique path to attaining fully qualified 3 level status. Given the broad nature of their jobs, it’s difficult to determine how your experience will be different than someone else’s. We have MSC’s running information systems flights, who have a vastly different experience than medical logistics or medical readiness.

  29. I’m not a prior E and I have a BS in technology management and my MBA. 1. I am wondering the process upon acceptance. The time line from OTS to 1st assignment. Is OTS 9.5 weeks still or is it the 5.5 weeks? Are you saying you commission and then you have a speciality as a health services manager ie logistics, finance etc

  30. As a DC, upon acceptance as a 41A you’ll go through the scrolling process and await an OTS slot, which can take up to 6 months. Some DC’s will have an opportunity to go to OTS-A, but the vast majority will do the full program like everyone else. When I commissioned I was offered an opportunity to go to the 5 week program, and so I did.

  31. Probably harder than getting into Army OCS, if I’m being honest. I wouldn’t ignore the warrant officer path either depending on your enlisted qualifications.

  32. What would make me competitive ? I have a decent amount of IT certs , cyber degree with 3.9 gpa, I already do cyber in the army. That's really it aside from being an nco.

  33. I mentioned being competitive for one of the specialty (medical, legal, or chaplain) corps. With that additional info about your background and degree, I’m going to assume you’d try to go non rated in the Air Force. It’s a highly competitive process that will take a while (and possibly several cycles of applying). The Air Force has canceled non rated boards recently.

  34. Despite the fact your post hurts my brain, I’ll attempt to answer the question I think you’re trying to ask, but don’t have enough of a grasp of the English language to communicate.

  35. It’s going to suck more with that mentality. Make it what you want it to be.

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