1. Well, she's like an angel personality-wise and always wears black, so yes.

  2. I configured it so that it would only ring on incoming calls and all notifications would be silent.

  3. Yes. It's basically talking to yourself... Just not out loud.

  4. Yes, it is. But you never see feminists protesting against that kind of sexism.

  5. Well, taking into account that the common knowledge about Greek mythology comes from a series of poems that added a lot of love affairs, jealously and drama to the actual myths...

  6. No worrys yes it‘s 1000G but you‘ll make more then enough while leveling

  7. Not if you are in a fresh start server, and certainly not by lv40, which is the lv you get it.

  8. What? You literally can make over 2k gold just by questing on outland. U think on North it will be worse?

  9. So... You quest on Outland at lv40. Got it.

  10. Well, if you are doing the workout on your own that means you can probably do it at any time. So yes, it seems totally unethical to me. You can simply do it after or before your shift... Unless we are missing some piece of information indicating you can't do that.

  11. Due to severe OCD, i sometimes don't get up and stay the whole day in bed, because i just can't deal with doing anything, because everything is a huge chore for me.

  12. That sounds more like depression than OCD to me. Then again, having OCD also means you end up "fixing" everything around you, which may seem tiring and end up in what you mentioned.

  13. You rarely get rich by means of good salary, and 200k/y definitely isn't going to do that. Lots of usa politicians are in the 10-100mill wealth range. There was just a report made on investments of the congress and their immediate family, some people made like a bandit. And to no surprise to anyone, they mostly made their money on areas that they involved in overseeing.

  14. Then again, having a 200K salary without having to pay for most expenses is quite a nice baseline to start a business. But yeah, most of them come from families that were already wealthy.

  15. Yes, it is. I rescue cats and they to find homes for them. I ended up adopting many cats that I couldn't give in adoption. All of them have different personalities but half of them are pretty attached to us and would often wait at the door and greet.

  16. Do you use disinfectant with some added odor when cleaning the floor? That's usually what does the trick.

  17. Definitely not the X4 Pro. It's even worse than the X3 Pro.

  18. More access to services and entertainment, thus more job options. That's it. Personally, if towns didn't have so poor medical coverage, I would love in one.

  19. It will take a while. It's called s staggered release. Unfortunately all brands do it this way. I received it 1 week ago, I'm from Romania. So I'm sure it'll get to bigger countries as well.

  20. Exactly. I got it before I gave my X3 to my sister a few weeks ago. My wife haven't received this update on her X3 (albeit hers is a X3 pro).

  21. In most cases: Because they are stupid and assholes.

  22. Don't do it! They have a new machine that detects stuff waaaaaay up there!

  23. Beth is ambitious as we have seen many times in the series. She likes challenges. I can't picture her just having a leisurely life with Rick's money.

  24. .... Do you know how literally anything regarding money works

  25. To be fair, Microsoft used to make phones with excellent cameras at low prices. And the mobile version of Windows allowed those phones to be fast with weak SoCs.

  26. The same way it has been done since smartphones exist: Adding a microsd card

  27. Dude. Seriously don't do that.

  28. Sounds like they simply didn't want to explain what was the issue, as most customers don't know anything about how a smart device is built.

  29. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they overcharged you. I'm just pointing out you can't just fix a broken CPU.

  30. More than the loans themselves, the problem is that universities are allowed to increase their tuition fees as much as they want.

  31. Sad about my mother dying just when she finally retired. Tired from taking care of so many people that depend on me. Happy to have the awesome wife I have (unfortunately, her family is what keeps me tired). Happy about my career. Anxious about our future as I'm the only one here that works, which it's totally fine by me... Except that I'm constantly worried that if something happens to me my wife won't have any consistent income (I'm working on saving some money to start a business for her to manage).

  32. Being honest, it was sheer stupidity mixed with a Karen mindset.

  33. Hmm, so for playing huge game if i take the F4 the performance won't be affected ?

  34. It should be a bit better since the F4 has a better cooling system. In my own testing, it basically doesn't throttle even with Genshin Impact at max settings after an hour, which is either the most GPU demanding mobile game or is one of the most demanding ones.

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