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  1. If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid.

  2. When does the groupbuy end??

  3. All they need to do from my point of view, is to abandon the whole Skywalker crutch completely. Move. The. Fuck. On. Make a Rated R Star Wars movie or series. It'll never happen, and that's why they can't make anything good. They're too afraid to think outside of the box.

  4. I always deduced that but can't recall a time they've said so explicitly. Was it in an interview?

  5. During a Neil Breen film Rich misses some shitty CGI fire effect, asks to rewind out loud, then immediately realizes and says "oh we cant".

  6. What a wild ass title for a video that at most shows what happens when u film in the path of an rpg backblast.

  7. Are you stoned? Forgot the link. My guess is its a video game clip

  8. Dang that was a solid hit at around the 53 second mark

  9. Russia is 'definitely' a threat to Russia

  10. Bought Project Keyboard mini-USB Alice PCB from

  11. If there was you would be looking at it instead of reading an article

  12. Cool looking set pwade, wish there was an ANSI super soaker enter though! I might have to pick this set up

  13. A lot of people are calling fake on this footage based on "the way the ship is moving". I would just like to point out that although I cannot speak to the accuracy of what is being portrayed, the video appears to be a close in recording of a screen capture of a UAV (note the light blue line just above the centre of the shot, and the cut-offs of light blue text round the edges.) If it were actualy UAV footage it is perfectly plausible that it would be doing an orbit for a BDA and this is what is creating a sense of 'uncanny movement' for some.

  14. I mean, or it could be someone recording some ARMA or DCS footage on their computer monitor....This footage screams video game to me. Shocked it raked in so many upvotes seeing how questionable the footage looks.

  15. The story as Nick Swardson tells it is that Dante wanted to, but had to tap out after the first day. Being mega stoned and acting do not go well no matter how big of a stoner you are

  16. Pretty sure that ALL of the music was supposed to be written and performed by that music troop but the orchestrated music won because it made the stupid jokes even funnier (The singer's name is Neil Innes, and just like the Python crew he played multiple roles in that film, including the 'first monk' when they're slamming wood into their own faces, as well as the unlucky fella who gets crushed by the trojan rabbit)

  17. Would have been cool to witness that in person!

  18. You linked to a completely different subreddit, boss

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