1. I agree…not to mention for $2 it was hard to tuen down. Even if I personally do not agree with anything he says or does. I mean in all seriousness who wants a guy to be their governor when he doesn’t even reside there and lives 4 states over.

  2. My point is, don’t let anybody roast you for buying it, even if he’s a bit of a scumbag

  3. It probably wont stay in the PC but it was an interesting pickup nonetheless.

  4. Seeing as how they were the last pro football team to win a championship in our state and one of my most wonderful ttm autograph returns came from Bobby Hebert, I’m definitely looking to build a Michigan Panthers set someday

  5. The heart wants what it wants. I was a big fan of Todd Hollandsworth once

  6. Funny enough, got a card signed through the mail from him a few years ago. I can look up the address I wrote to if you’re interested

  7. The fact that Jack Morris is on this committee is a joke. That fucking guy should not get to decide the Hall of Fame fates of these guys

  8. I’d be willing to bet he probably called Bonds some slurs when he saw his name on the ballot.

  9. Bonds was an asshole, yes, but even before he juiced he was one of the greatest all around players to ever play the game. Morris’ candidacy was borderline stats wise before he got in, but everyone knows he’s a huge asshole

  10. Long overdue. Crime Dog was one of the most clutch players of his era, was a great teammate everywhere he went, and did it all naturally.

  11. Couldn’t be any more happy for Jamaal’s season. He seems like a great guy off the field

  12. Listening to A New Hope right now, and I need to see Mark in one of the Disney+ Star Wars shows

  13. I’ve been trying to sell this thing since I got it lol it’s on a table at a show right now

  14. Funny enough I just watched a a video of a guy ripping a 1/1 Blake Snell rip card from 2020 and inside was a Senzel mini auto

  15. He super cool when it comes to signing at games, would be sick to get his auto in a silver pen on this

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