1. Search for K8tierain on all platforms, she is amazing.

  2. Some of the small things can be further refined, check your belt tension, use adaptive layer heights, if you haven't already, switch to a smaller nozzle and tweak time, temp, and retractions for the stringing.

  3. Got it, yes if it's engaging the switch when leveling you'll likely need to readjust it, lower it a hair.

  4. Too far from it. Turn the wheels an ⅛ turn to the tight and print a leveling test. Repeat until you get a good first layer.

  5. Stainless is harder than brass, it will destroy the nozzle

  6. He just wants to clean it up for temp use, as long as he doesn't beat the hell out of the actual opening he isn't going to remove enough material to have a significant effect on it.

  7. It's possible to decarb during the oil/fat infusion but it's a multi hour process. Like put the bud and butter (I prefer coconut oil) in a mason jar, and then let it hang out in boiling water for a couple hours. Otherwise you made a weed flavored compound butter and never reached full decarb even furing the baking part.

  8. I would likely start by replacing the thermistor. Heat gun or possibly a hair dryer to warm the leaked plastic enough to peel it off. Also address the leak while you have things apart.

  9. Retirement is temporary these days.

  10. Looks spoiled, may have to send that to me for disposal.

  11. Travis is still healthy and hungry. I think he will end his career surpassing Gronk across the board and be known as the greatest TE (and all around great guy) every. First Ballot HOF.

  12. Only you bcan answer this. We made some truffles with ~25mg each made with RSO and 1 puts me in a really happy place.

  13. You won't see people calling Mahomes a turnover machine is in reference to how Allen IS called a turnover machine. Once again, it's not hard to comprehend.

  14. Find the ones where I whine over criticism of Allen, please I wanna see that. I pointed out that the primary subject was interceptions when Chiefs fans cry about fumbles. We all know Allen has 4, 2 of his own and 2 because of a crappy snap. That's keeping the convo on subject not whining.

  15. Oh my goodness, the irony, go back to your swingers 😂

  16. Ahh, went diggin in the profile looking for something to use... You're not petty at all. Go sit down kid, Allen and Mahomes will survive their 11 ints and still thrive.

  17. Undefeated in every game he ever started.

  18. What if you just act really well tho. Do a juke move and whoops ball slipped out

  19. Because that would be a fumble, so hope an opposing player doesnt recover the ball. If you're close enough to yeet it out of bounds that way, you'd just run it out without the theatrics or risk.

  20. Better off taking pics and measurements of the other knob if it's the same size. Even if there was a fast and simple way to scan it, someone would need to basically design the knob ground up anyway.

  21. Shitty call, it was a clean sack. The inconsistencies from ref to ref and game to game is also ridiculous.

  22. I try to keep it respectful always. Sometimes I just don’t think about the fact that people don’t know me and how I talk. I appreciate you calling that out now that I understand why you did the way you did. No hard feelings here.

  23. No hard feelings at all. I have worded things poorly more times than I care to remember... When you can attempt a compliment only to end up insulting someone, you've reached my level of foot in the mouth.

  24. Lmao oh I’ve done that on more than one occasion. We’re men after all who are kinda dumb at times. Me included clearly 🤣

  25. Anything he did prior to the current season is slowly being overshadowed by the immense decline in both his skills and ability to lead a team.

  26. Nothing could ever overshadow having more rings than any franchise, nephew

  27. Have you noticed any specific conversations or thoughts occurring when you notice the anxiety starting?

  28. Could we narrow location down to at least time zone or maybe region please?

  29. They are I just germinated a couple myself.

  30. Mahomes threw 3 picks and Allen was sloppy as fuck... Send them both to the practice squads of the other's teams.

  31. With the rafts they print fine but using anything else they don’t even print the first layer the plastic just clumps up on the nozzle. I’ve checked if the plastic is curing when extruding but it is fine.

  32. If you're clumping around the nozzle it's too far from the bed.

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