1. Damn,widh I was fishing with you..nice fucking Bass.what state. Im in SC

  2. Man I got out of Shib a bit ago, after the explosion unfortunately. I have 18mil and I'll hold it till it hits 0 or .01, ha.

  3. I still remember when I caught my first ever bowfin. I was at a creek fishing for smaller fair, sunfish mostly, around a bridge. On one of my casts something big took the plastic minnow body and jig and ran. Thought it was either bass or a catfish (had rare instances where catfish took artificial lures I used) but as I reeled and the fish came into view, I had a bowfin, first ever that I caught. Once I landed it I noticed this one had a greenish tint on its fins. Wasn't as big as yours but god it was strong!

  4. Never saw them before. Where are they found? Not in Pa for sure

  5. Some people argue with themselves over who's more offended 🙄 don't even give them airtime

  6. If it is, flip it up functions like normal flip it down supposedly helps against backlash. Could be totally wrong though.

  7. Super glad that you're not wearing shorts, my friend.

  8. Shameless plug @Skully107 been putting my catches on my Instagram reels. This is a reel.

  9. It’s best to top off the Visa card with a debit card (no fees) as you’re immediately charged a 2.99% fee by CDC for using a credit card. You may also get hit with a cash advance fee from your credit card (not sure though since I never top off with a credit card). You can also transfer in app from your CDC fiat balance to your CDC Visa card with no fees.

  10. So if I top up my card with a debit card they charge my 2.99? Is it a hold or what can you avoid it ?

  11. Assuming you’re in the US, no fees for topping off with a debit card and it’s fast. There are daily limits on how much and how often you can top off based on your card level.

  12. You can’t do that if it’s from funds with instant deposits

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