1. Slide two where the entire family is in ICU six months after the vaccine is available?

  2. He does not get annoyed at all, he does all these things with a smile on his face and is even in a happier mood after he does them. It’s like it makes him so incredibly happy to do it I have never ever heard him complain. this bothers me even more how he’s so happy to be her errand boy. He definitely is very comfortable. Ik his worst nightmare in life is working a 9-5 I’ve seen him cry in situations after loosing money where he thought he would have to get a normal job and he was hysterically crying. He says he’s very blessed thanks to her like she’s helping him live his dream for a very small cost. I think it’s a huge cost and don’t agree with any of this. But hopefully one day I’ll have the mental strength to be sure in my decision and walk away from all this.

  3. I’m sorry OP but he sounds like a dependent Man Baby. And while she manipulates him, the biggest problem is he sees nothing wrong with his life. If the relationship went to another level as in marriage or pregnancy you would be a miserable second fiddle to his mother.

  4. Another case of severe viral phenomenon, wasn't there one just last week? Is there a vax for that yet?

  5. I didn’t see that but another one of those shit birds** had real bad “ammonia.”

  6. I remember reading about it at the time. When Jobs was getting his first scan, the radiologist actually teared up because he saw Jobs had an islet cell tumor. That is a survivable form of pancreatic cancer and is usually cured by the Whipple procedure. Islet cell cancers are like 5%.

  7. If he’s your typical HCA candidate, his heirs will be lucky to inherit anything other than bills.

  8. I don't think these feelings are bad---they sound pretty normal to me.

  9. The other day on TV there was a simple and much needed PSA that unfortunately these idiots won’t heed:

  10. After being in an abusive relationship I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to take some time for introspection and reflection. You will want to understand red flags you may have ignored and why you were attracted. (Hint it’s usually because abuse feels familiar due to your family of origin.) This reflection could be counseling or talking about it with a healthy friend or reading a book. I highly recommend Barbara DeAngelis’ book called, “Are you the one for me? Knowing who is right and avoiding who is wrong.”

  11. My mom changed her will six weeks before she died to favor GC and her kids, who never visited and did nothing for her. Nmom did it because she had used me up and although I visited her 2-3 times a week she was vindictive and spiteful that I didn’t do more.

  12. Seriously. If you actually saw the video she completely band geeked out over it. She’s a very talented classical flautist.

  13. I saw a video on Facebook. She was respectful and I might add, dressed very conservatively in a white high necked blouse and bald jacket.

  14. he told me once that his favorite part during sex is when i don’t like it. and he would threaten to hurt me or kill me as a “joke”. i was just fooled by the sweet guy facade in the beginning so i overlooked a lot of the violent sex and threatening comments at the end. the more i realize about him the more it scares me.

  15. I'm so glad you are away from him. Make a "crime sheet" of all the shitty things he's done in case he tries to come back and love-bomb you. Do it now while your memory is intact--distance can make things look not as bad as they were.

  16. Omg OP I am so, so sorry. This twisted, sick person used you fully knowing he was going to break up with you after the fact. That is almost abuse, what he did to you, in my eyes. I hope you're okay.

  17. Actually I believe it is abusive. He had sex with her knowing they were breaking up.

  18. Can you leave early? Or just be gone as long as possible? Don't justify, argue, defend or explain. Can you flee to a coffee shop? Take a walk? Just say, I want to look at the Fall leaves or get outside if asked. Don't phrase it as a question, just say, "I'm going to do X, see you around dinner," or whatever.

  19. I work in animal rescue, and it REALLY pisses me off when people say "It's just a cat," or "It's just a dog."

  20. Ugh. Newsflash to Narcs: Healthy parents don’t have to say this because it’s a given. Of course you aren’t going to “agree” with everything your kids do because THEY ARE SEPARATE PEOPLE.

  21. At some point access panels to pipes in walls stopped being a code requirement. I never understood it. As we are remodeling bathrooms we are putting them in retroactively. Everything needs maintenance eventually.

  22. You need to think about your future. Endless red flags between him and his family. You aren’t crazy and he has gone down a terrible rabbit hole.

  23. Great point about the family. This guy isn’t going to think anything he is doing is wrong. Sounds as if the whole family is misogynistic.

  24. He is abusive. He is a leech. He is an idiot. He shows you no love, compassion or understanding. He is literally sucking the life out of you.

  25. You said it better than I did. It’s a huge problem that he has brainwashed her into accepting a double standard. Their relationship sounds so unequal. Why is she expected to support both of them? Why is it okay for him not to work? Why is she offering him a place to live rent free?

  26. What she’s doing is pretty simple really. She’s going to act nice and hope you forget about the little “misunderstanding” or whatever minimal term she will use for it. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? They can be horrible and cruel for decades and they think you can just forget it and go back to the way it was.

  27. This lady wrote an entire book about it. I read the sample and it was AMAZING.

  28. Mine said that. What I understood when I had children was just how awful their behaviors and choices were. I'm 51, my oldest is 30, and I still don't understand some of my parents' behaviors as anything but selfishness and bullying and incompetence.They simply didn't have the tools for the job and had no interest in acquiring them.

  29. That's the key, isn't it? I think with therapy and an open mind and being willing to listen and learn other ways of doing things, you can really become a good 'anything:' parent, spouse, whatever.

  30. My dad said this to me all of the time. He is an enabler and my mom is the narcissist, but yes, it was a very familiar sentence. He would also say "because I'm the parent" or "you're the kid I'm the adult" when we would question him for whatever didn't make sense. We were never worthy of any respect or explanations. My nMom also has a very similar mindset and because I don't want kids and only have cats, she would, when I still talked to her, always try and act like I didn't understand her feelings and never would because I didn't know what it was like to be a mother. I mean, no mom, I'll never understand your feelings because I'm not so deeply and pathologically jealous that I feel the need to control other peoples' perceptions of me 24/7 and get hysterical at any perceived rejection. It's not because you're a mother. Trust me.

  31. What is it with Narcs and doors? The general answer to a Narc question is, whatever you did, you are wrong.

  32. How do I get over the fact I feel guilty for beginning to sincerely hate my mom because of her behavior? It's just so twisted and hard to explain these feelings. I love her and I hate her at the same time. Also what is normal age to teach a child what a shower is? Because until I was 14 all I knew was washing up in the sink. I feel ashamed for not knowing what that "metal thing" sticking out the wall was.

  33. There is always a good reason for what you are feeling. We try not to hate our parents, because society is always "but she's your mooooooother," and all that happy crap.

  34. The ignorant, pureblood bragging on September 18th aged like milk.

  35. they don't even know how a government works

  36. So many of these people do not realize how much government money is pumped into the economy. And of course if they are the recipients, that’s a different story. My DH has relatives in the Midwest who are huge Trumpers and they are always railing against Big Gubmint and they are very disdainful of Federal employees and “lazy” people but keep your hands off their farm subsidies and their Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security.

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