1. It's one of those things where, I'd love to remember to update you, but the chances are exceedingly slim. How do I set one of those reminder things on here.....

  2. Per rule 3, provide a source for the claim "No, they are definitely not unconscious. By no means.".

  3. I will definitely post some pics and my thoughts on it when I open it. Remindme! One day

  4. !RemindMe Seven Months. The Yankeea and Dodgers are going to have sub .500 seasons this year. Stay mad.

  5. This is your brain on Reddit. If you guys think the playtest is happening in April you are grossly misinformed about the severity of the situation Ironmace has found themselves in and I believe that we will never play Dark and Darker again. At least not as a game made by Ironmace in it's current form and certainly not under the same leadership it is under right now. I very much hope I'm wrong because I fucking love DnD

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