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  1. A minor point in your post but pasteurisation is applied to almost all milk in UK. I believe you mean UHT (ultra heat treated) long life milk

  2. Yeah unpasteurized milk is pretty dangerous to consume. I wouldn’t think any developed country would allow it to be sold

  3. Lol you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. Ps. It’s a level from goldeneye btw.

  4. Price gouging in the legal sense is specifically raising prices during a time of crisis or shortage, like scalping but with necessities instead of with pieces of tech.

  5. This guy right here. Cammer was changing lanes for 5 seconds before van pulled out. It's like the van driver looked, saw the lane was empty and never looked again. I'm same as you. Wait until past the intersection to change lanes, but don't expect that anyone else will give that courtesy.

  6. Right, the van should of still been looking down the lane and seen the cammer merge.

  7. Damn, Polish and Russian are so similar then. I didn't know we can vaguely understand each other. I know Polish and Ukrainian are also very close, so maybe that's why it sounds understandable.

  8. So you mean like an official currency? That's not a core part of the definition of fiat currency. There were official currencies long before fiat currencies were invented. They're entirely unrelated concepts.

  9. No, "alternative currency" is just some bullshit category that you have just made up.

  10. Obviously cancer isn’t a choice, but how stupid would you have to be to get medical treatment for it.

  11. My go to for bites like this is Neosporin or similar cream on some gauze and a loose bandage

  12. You should add then never having good sales. That's my biggest gripe.

  13. Also their anti-repair bullshit and basically destroying any community organized event or fan made game using their IP. Even though they don’t affect their ability to make money at all.(Mostly applicable to the smash and Pokémon community but i’m sure other ones have/will struggle with their shit policies in the future)

  14. Well the average varies on race and age. Average for 25-30 Asian adults is about 100-110, average for 20-25 black is about 80-90, older and younger than prime is obviously lower, so without that data we can't really get any idea what that is supposed to mean. Regardless these numbers are irrelevant to an entry level minimum wage warehouse job, it's not Harvard level advanced trigonometry LMFAO

  15. To explain your downvotes: Your first point is irrelevant and also a bit racist. A person’s race doesn’t affect their IQ societal and cultural pressures do. For example: Upper class white kids also tend test slightly above average, not because their upper class or white but because they are expected to be smarter and, generally speaking, don’t have as many responsibilities/struggles as say, a poor minority group kid.

  16. Jesus Christ Reddit, can you not babble about American politics for five fucking minutes?

  17. Seriously though, it’s almost impressive that he managed to spin a convo about eastern religion/culture into a stance on American politics.


  19. Thats talking about a tortoise in captivity with little to no chance of becoming dehydrated, this is not only a wild tortoise but one that lives in a dessert.

  20. But I don’t. I just got to 0.008 today. And won’t cross 0.01 anytime soon. I run my x2 boost and watch my 3 videos per hour. In 12AB more I’ll get 4th parcel.

  21. Cents should start at 2nd 0 from decimal point. .008 is not 8 cents. .08 is 8 cents. .8 is 80 cents. Otherwise dollar is 1000 cents which is not.

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