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  1. Dont know if theres actually a collab, but im at 620 ms, 540 elemental, 113 ld, 37 legendary, 15 all attribute, and 4 trans.

  2. Reminds me of Seinfeld when Newman and Kramer explain how the spit ricocheted.

  3. I thought Chris Traeger was vegan. I guess he changed his mind after eating Ron’s burger.

  4. Dwight found out Creed was his father during his concussion. Seriously though, it's probably because Dwight sees qualities he finds useful in Creed. They don't really interact, but when they do they fight bats together. Things Dwight would want around.

  5. Creed also provides vampire stakes for Dwight that he keeps in his drawer.

  6. It’s kind of uncanny, you got PeePee Halpert, Pam pams, Prison Mike, Ryan started the fire, Dwigt, and the Big Tuna. Everything you need for a good time.

  7. Kettle Corn from Disneyland travels well but i think asking your friend what they miss is best.

  8. I like Love Letter as my go-to. BBQ chicken, Bon Chon, Bomb Chicken, and Running Chicks are also pretty good.

  9. I wanted to play it but I kept hearing about the bad combat

  10. Game was sort of buggy around chapter 9 to 11 but other than that gameplay is pretty simplistic using assists with your shooting.

  11. I just finished it on Tuesday, fun story and i like the low risk choice making.

  12. midoh is pretty good (sawtelle/Rowland heights)

  13. What a coincidence, I was there two weeks ago and had their chicken katsu with curry. Pretty good 👍.

  14. I thought this was gonna be one of those build your own catch phrase by filling in information of your birthday etc lol.

  15. Have em doin it on a slice of bread on a plate with a kitchen counter background

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