1. Ya you have to hold the A button (or whatever button you have assigned to pick stuff up) then you’ll pick it up

  2. La vera domanda è: come li segnali?

  3. Sono d'accordo nel segnalare e multare i ciclisti che non rispettano le regole. Solo che segnalare una macchina parcheggiata che potrebbe anche stare più di 20-30 minuti e permettere una verifica del vigile è più facile del segnalare una bici in movimento che dopo 2 secondi già è tornata a una condizione regolare.

  4. It does and, according to the old WEG Star Wars d6 RPG, it's four times slower than a Star Destroyer, when going through hyperspace.

  5. Just because you have a loading screen between big maps doesn't invalidate the open world

  6. I mean, loading screens are kinda immersion breaking, to me, and I say this as someone who actually likes GW2 a lot.

  7. I don't know why, but my VHS is badly damaged in that part of the movie...

  8. dalla lezione di storia di filosofia di 2 giorni fa: aula piena sui 100 e qualcosa posti per cui è pensata, la prof chiede quanta gente è seduta a terra o addirittura fuori dall'aula e potete solo immaginare la faccia spaventata quando ha sentito che sono sui 150

  9. Università di Bari, Scienze Politiche: dai, facciamo che trasmettiamo direttamente le lezioni su una TV locale, così ci togliamo il problema...

  10. Non ricordo se Telebari, Antenna Sud, o Teleregione Puglia, onestamente.

  11. So as you've discovered, there are two different styles of stat listings, either before modifiers or after. Some books and magazine articles use one style, and others use the other style. So far as I've seen, the articles and books are always consistent with themselves so I just look for an obvious indication on what they're using, for example, if there are any stats above 19 (not including Dark Sun), then they are obviously using post-modifiers. Then I know what I need to think about when looking at the stats, and the inconsistency is solved. It's really just two different ways of showing the same information.

  12. The problem with this, is that the Dwarf handbook is theoretically using the "full" range, i.e. including modifiers, but for the "basic dwarf" it lists a max of 18, while it should be 19.

  13. I think I remember seeing an og stat block for raistlin that had him at a surprisingly high (I think 7-8?) con score. Ofc 2nd edition handled stats differently, but even still based on the books I was thinking 4-5.

  14. Thanks for the link! I knew it was high enough that 10-year old me was having a hard time reconciling coughing up blood constantly with an average con score lol

  15. Back then we didn't need game mechanics to play a sickly or tormented character, we just did it because it was fun to play.

  16. “Si sa” nel senso che chi si interessa all’argomento può reperire le informazioni per venirne a capo mettendo insieme i tasselli, e comunque ne viene fuori una storia con ancora tante zone d’ombra.

  17. Hot, as in "I started sweating when I saw that helmet, it must be a furnace inside of it!"

  18. I plan to go with HUD upgrades, focus on dome/shield HPs and my suit, first, but usually I end up winging it every time.

  19. which HUD upgrades? i feel like the enemy detector is the only one that’s really useful

  20. I also put up the dome health indicator, resource meter and, later on when I can "waste", wave counter.

  21. Oh, well, luckily for me I'm playing an idle game right now, so let the money in!

  22. In my house-ruled AD&D 2nd Edition campaigns, there were changes to how HPs worked.

  23. The other one is the yellow-faced Obi-Wan, from 2002, set 7143.

  24. The same company as my old one ? I got the Lunar Lander when I quit.

  25. I don't know if it's the same company, but I know other people who left didn't get a present

  26. OP's car seems like a Chevy Silverado. I think it's the only pickup with a HUD

  27. Man, I've been talking about HUDs in car since the '90s, and all my friends told me I was nuts to think it...

  28. Just imagine a sat nav on your hud that tells you where to go

  29. That's exactly the main application I was suggesting, like to the mini map in driving games!

  30. RL soldiers on campaign: "this week I managed fifteen hours of sleep, rocking it mate!

  31. I physically cringed when I read that line. Inappropriate doesn't even begin to describe it. I'd never be able to look that man in the eye again, let alone the partner who's supposed to protect me and stand by my side.

  32. I'm a 46 yo white male, and I cringed so hard at that, I took embryo position.

  33. I had always heard Stallone was short, so he must be standing on a box or something.

  34. He's 1.77m (5′ 10″), which I wouldn't consider short.

  35. The way they’re mining franchises lately why not create an alternate saga where his face is on all T-800s?

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