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  1. I recently stumbled upon Knickerbocker blueberry gin and I actually really liked it. Might want to check out that or their other gins.

  2. Most likely you answered one of the "knock out" questions incorrectly, probably just by mistake. You can log back in to review and make edits to your application. Review each question carefully. Make sure you answered "yes" to being a citizen, "yes" to Selective Service if you are male, "yes" to having a bachelors OR a year of security experience (paraphrasing), "No" to all of the felony questions at the end, and just generally double check every other answer. Most likely you will find one you answered incorrectly and you can just edit and resubmit your application and it will then be accepted.

  3. I'm a bartender and I've seen this a lot the past year. I also though it was weird, I can't remember ever having a partner carry my ID, but I also don't usually carry a purse.

  4. Call the nice lady at Deep Roots Natives Garden Center + Nursery. If she doesn't have it, she'll know where to send you.

  5. I passed a sheetz in Hillsboro today and saw that but I thought for sure it was a mistake and kept driving

  6. Foxxys Floras has them. She is local to the Apex area and does pop up shows as well as having a booth at the painted tree boutique. I would send her a message through Instagram to find out if she has them stocked anywhere. I don't see them on her Etsy page right now but I know she has some unless she sold out

  7. What about some local coffee, tea, craft beer something like that? Tell us what they like and maybe we can suggest a local vendor. Has already mentioned, bulldega has local goods, locopops is another place to look.

  8. I'm moving and looking for a patio set/outdoor stuff, can you me too please?

  9. I felt weird about them ever since I went in to get coffee there in about June of 2020 and absolutely zero of their employees were wearing masks or wearing them correctly. Never wanted to call them out in case it was an off day but...

  10. Wait a minute?! You can’t be allergic to GRASS. It’s everywhere. 😂

  11. Yeah I've been dying. I had to cancel my plans last night to take a bunch of Benadryl and lay on my couch. West Durham here.

  12. If you don't find this way I had good luck hiring two guys off of TaskRabbit.

  13. I'm not far from you and mine flickered but didn't fully go out. Hope yours is back soon :(

  14. Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmore. Pottery, glass, jewelry, much more.

  15. The owners of Arrow and Shiloh at Spruce are LGBTQ so you shouldn't have that experience at either of those salons!

  16. I got a text estimating my power will be back at 2:28 PM tomorrow…yikes

  17. Wow. I'm in Durham and no ETA yet which makes me... Very nervous.

  18. I’m in Durham and just got mine back about 20 minutes ago. I hope yours comes back soon!

  19. Depending on how far you are willing to drive, the total wine in Everette may be worth it. Will definitely meet your Dorley's needs!

  20. There is nothing about FAA regs for passengers mixing drinks. PIC won't allow you to board if you are visably drunk for saftey in a crash.

  21. Quick google brings up many links stating it's against FAA regs.

  22. Mango was my first thought, I would definitely go that route, if too sweet dash in some extra lemon juice but I bet it won't be

  23. Agreed. It won't be the same but I don't think it'll be bad at all, mango is amazing. While you're at it, might as well try both passion fruit and mango and see which you like best. You know.. for science...

  24. Aku Akus are so good.. you probably wont have to worry about the shelf life :) Best to make them a ton in the summer while peaches are in season.

  25. I've never been a die-hard TJ's fan, but I just see myself shopping there less and less with all of these posts :( seems like the quality really isnt there at all anymore.

  26. Honestly this is goated, I just don’t have a car or a Costco card 😂 maybe I need to start taking an Uber there once a week and buying some chicken haha

  27. I bet you can find a fellow student who has a car and/or card and would go with you! The cards can be cost prohibitive but maybe they have a student card?

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