1. Oktoberfest themed suit in October? Not my style but I'm impressed really. Like a nod to German culture.

  2. Funny is that Oktoberfest is in September xD

  3. I dont remember very well wat happened very well in the traitor date,, but ill resume the ending.

  4. Reko is a BDSM Story but is a Furry

  5. I'm happy for Quinn and Nana to get an update. Also excited for the new matches who I had seen before and have not, but I thought Lucian/Phobos would also have their update back on the list. I really want to know what happens.

  6. They are on the list. These are the New ones who came today on the list.

  7. Thanks. The list for me haven't updated yet and I was worried about Lucian/Phobos won't have their update.

  8. Lucian will get his Update and the apocalyptic Gang will coming. x3

  9. I think by new "version" they mean an update πŸ˜…

  10. I think so too. A few Player have the 3.3 Update but not every land

  11. Meanwhile I have the 3.3 update and it's still glitched lol

  12. Mhh maybe they gonna do a fix for this Update before it launched worldwite

  13. Antony, David, Austin and Martin Diaz

  14. So Jason texted us ? He feels guilty for kissing Noel? Do you think some of us get that small chat still?

  15. Yeah.. He said that He didn't know that Noel was so in love with the MC...

  16. Did you get thay small chat after you finished date or had to wait for update?

  17. Finished him yesterday. So it was a Update but now its gone

  18. I think I can remember that Mr. B has Black hair. So I hope it is not him.

  19. From the Mikael/Hector/Izel Story who is the same Mr. B as in the Enzo Story

  20. It doesn't work on the app for some reason. You have to use your laptop (or the desktop site on your phone) and manual input their names at the "edit your own flair" option

  21. Funny I can see your nice flair in the app. But my only works on the Web Version

  22. How about Romeo. I like his Story very much.

  23. 🀣 Dick jokes never get old

  24. Glenn 😏 and David my little cinnamon roll

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