Why is Obsidian like Minecraft?

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  1. Reminds me of this B99 cold open:

  2. Wait until you have kids. Now they’re not even MY songs anymore

  3. I’ve been struggling with these intense bodily anger outbursts. Like they Feel like they are raging up in a torrent from my soul and I get shaky and tense in an effort to hold it in.

  4. Alarms, timer app, calendar appointments (yes, 6 notifications before the event please) are the only way anything in my life stays remotely sane.

  5. I’ve been enjoying the app “Due” lately. It just keeps notifying you until you purposely reschedule a reminder, so you don’t just ignore it and forget about it. Also imports reminders from Apple reminders so you can do hey Siri reminders. Though you could probably set up a shortcut to do it directly but I haven’t got around to that

  6. PSA: I know two people who set fire to their rooms by leaving their laptop on the bed

  7. I told my wife about how I was feeling.

  8. My anxiety levels are higher but it sure as hell helps me to get going. I couldn’t make myself get out of bed in the morning but now I have to because there’s a lil dude who depends on me. And I can’t do useless side shit all day because he has a routine I need to follow.

  9. That internal quiver, trying to holding back a tic and not knock their drink out of their hands and scream IM OUT. I always feel like they must see me shaking like this pic haha

  10. Alternatively, you write it down and it never makes sense again…

  11. I get lots of ideas when driving so I use Siri to take a speech to text note. Not only can I never remember where those notes end up, but when I do find one she’s so bad at my accent that it’s just gibberish. I think. It may be possible that gibberish is what I was actually thinking.

  12. I have instructive thoughts pretty frequently (less so when I’m not depresso but they never fully go away) and my therapist thinks it’s funny how I cope with them- I literally shake my head and pretend it’s an etch a sketch. Shake head- thought gone.

  13. Haha I just realised I do that. That or a swift hollow cheek slap 👋 if I’m alone

  14. D’you know I’ve never thought about that. I only have an old MBP 2012 but for my iPhone 13 Pro I prolly spent WAY more than the cost of AppleCare on protective skins, lens & screen protectors, and cases. Which then make the thing super bulky. Though the skins look dope I think.

  15. I got flashback to when I fell on my ass and got the air knocked out of me (When you fall and you momentarily can’t breathe), yet these stupid kids still jumping me.

  16. I remember as a kid doing that superman jumping off a peak swing on a swing set and landing flat on my back. Totally couldn’t get a breath in for what felt like a few minutes. Teachers were just like “sit down there, you’ll be reet” while I was like “IM FUCKING DYING HERE WOMAN”

  17. God damn it I finally bought GOW last week haha

  18. Bedtime stories don’t go so well anymore with my 10 month old as he’s really wilful and stubborn and knows his bedtime milks on the agenda, so stop with the talky talky and make with the milky milky haha

  19. Just get a 2010 MacBook pro 13 and upgrade the ram & SSD as a cheap reliable backup device. Thank me later man.

  20. That’s exactly what I did with this laptop, I don’t really see how doing the same for a backup machine would help me. I have the iPad to keep me ticking over on basic stuff while it was out of action. Besides, I’ve sorted it now.

  21. I know this is an old thread but its one of the only posts I could find when searching for my own issue.

  22. So he can counter whatever you pick?

  23. No, he pushes past you, whatever you pick, and you get Pikachu while he gets Eevee. Later you get Eevee from some shady dude in a skyscraper in Celadon city (I think it’s called that, the one with the casino)

  24. I think they meant like if you picked charmander, Gary's evee would eventually become a vaporeon, or if you picked squirtle, and the evee evolved into jolteon, ect.

  25. Yeah I see that now, but no you can only get Pilachu at the start. Was harder in Blue as he’d always pick your weakness from the other 2

  26. Pretty sure CeX UK sell it for £2 ($2.50) but yeah, I assume that’s why “bargain bin” was in inverted congas

  27. I remember playing Fifa World Cup 98 on the N64 and my Mum coming home, watching for a couple minutes and thinking she was watching a real game

  28. Most of the Guardsmen books in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series would fit if you want some humor with your fantasy. I would also say the Ravnica novels from Magic the Gathering are super involved with city politics and though it's been a long time since I red them, I recall enjoying them.

  29. The Nights Watch books and Going Postal were my favourite Pratchett books. Really got you in deep into Ankh-Morpork. I’ll check out Ravnica, thanks

  30. The Tower of Babel series by Josiah Bancroft, the first book is Senlin Ascends. One gigantic tower with each layer like it’s own city.

  31. Thanks, I listens to the series on audible. Loved it!

  32. It’s been a long time since I read it now but the Prince of Thorns books by Mark Lawrence have some cool Nuclear aspects. Not exactly magic but viewed as such by the characters. Those books are awesome anyway, but dark as heck just FYI

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