1. He has his own food in his cage. However, we let him eat from our foods when we have breakfast, dinner and lunch. He eats whole wheat lavash bread, white lavash bread and white rice. He doesn’t eat too much. But my cousin (Who used to keep cockatiels in the past) tells me we shouldn’t allow him to eat those foods AT ALL (maybe one or two grains of rice but no more) because it is extremely bad for his health and will kill him. What should we do?

  2. They should just be treats, you can give him liver failure from eating the wrong foods

  3. A very good YouTuber that actually talks about things like Pan-Africanism, black anarchism etc. Stuff that some white creators hate because their black I won't name anyone

  4. He would have had to take the sunglasses off for the pre-boarding ID. Carriers face massive fines for passengers who do not have the proper documents or who don’t match their documents.

  5. I like to think that he smokes Ciggarettes and that his name is Mr red but also I've seen representations of him carrying a suit case

  6. That's just me my bad haha. I'm a creature of the night, a predator boldly calling after it's prey. I don't hide, I want them to see me coming.

  7. Have you considered phasing your clone with your exact memories and personality to Champaign? There are teleporters there after all.

  8. No, I just own pigeons back home and I miss them 😔

  9. I've always wanted one, but I don't know how well they go along with cockatiels

  10. Yes why wouldn't they be allowed. High concept, well executed, very relatable. Thank you for posting, cheers 🥂

  11. Hey! Can I add you to a group chat? We’re meeting at the Union tomorrow at 1!

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