Race Vs Homicide rate Vs Poverty Rate

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  1. Тоа што неколкумина го бојкотираа пописот и не сакаа да присуствуваат баш докажува колку немоќна а и непопуларна е не само влада толку и колку е ослабната државава.

  2. Pretty much proves how much poverty and inequality can affect how much crime there is in one country

  3. And that truth being that Bulgarians are a Turkic nomadic tribe? skull emoji

  4. not the bulgarians, but the bulgars, which a bulgarian minority claims descendant from.

  5. But I thought the narrative in Macedonia is that we're Tatar-Mongols? Bulgarians? Bulgars? Jeez

  6. said by who? the illiterate class in this country and 12 year olds on tiktok? And though imo having descendants from the Bulgars would be cooler than being Slavic, most Bulgarians don't claim descendants from them, mainly because of the pan-slavic communists which ruled Bulgaria for 45 years

  7. Freedom of speech shouldn't have limits no matter what. Europe pressuring Macedonia in Bulgaria's favor to "combat hate-speech" is basically censorship of the opposing side so that one side can push an agenda and control the masses (Bulgarians through Wikipedia butchering are seeing successes in this). Let me remind you of how this censorship is one of the fourteen main points of fascism. EU integrations means we are siding with fascists 😉

  8. Look my friend, I don't have a single relative who was a fascist or a nazi. I just can not accept your accusations and no one will. But I have relatives from Macedonia as most Bulgarians do if you didn't know. They came to Bulgaria after we lost the first world war. You call it occupation but do you know that after the war the Greeks kicked all Bulgarians from the area? Why would we occupy ourselves?

  9. So how come authorities in these "liberated areas" treated the people as if they were in an occupation by Bulgarian authorities in WW2? And every time Tsar Boris III be paraded It ofc means you're a fascist, there are no buts for this. And everything Bulgarian authorities have done along with many historians and nationalists fulfills at least one of the fourteen points of fascism, mainly the controlled mass media like Wikipedia pages, but also your rampant and continued nationalism and disdain for the Recognition of Human rights.

  10. Because we have done nothing wrong in those "occupied areas". We have liberated not only Macedonia but also Northern Greece and Southern Dobrudzha. What you say is most likely a propaganda. It is not true that we have made something bad to you.

  11. Try the macedonian anthem, it's honestly quite blood curling, something like the USSR anthem

  12. it detects the amd GPU but doesn't seem to be using it, hence why it's telling me hardware acceleration is turned off but drivers are installed

  13. Hi. Disable secure boot: Leave F2 pressed when you start the laptop to access BIOS and look for "Secure boot" on the left hand side. Disable the check box and save the changes. Then at the next boot press and hold F12 to access the boot menu. From there you will be able to select your pendrive to boot Linux Mint ;)

  14. Just remembered that my linux mint automatically boots in insecure mode. Would it truly fix it if I disabled secure booting

  15. Воздухопловство ни е полошо од секогаш. За 5 години сите Ми-24 што ги имаме сега го стигаат крајот на нивниот рок, а Ми-17те за 8. Според одбранбениот план до 2028 година, треба неспецифициран број на нови хеликоптери да нарачаме и Ми-17те да ги retrofit-аме. Нај паметно ќе биди да ги искористиме овие 180 милиони долари од САД за Uh-1y и А29 супер тукано. Потоа со свои пари да земиме iai searcher дронови од Израел. Нашата воздухопловна одбрана веќе се модернизира со француски системи и самата армија со JLTV возилата и Boran хаубиците. Не ни фали многу за да сме доволно.

  16. Northrop F-5 модификувани за носење ан AIM-120 мисајл со си реновирани Cobra a и УХ-60 според мене е најдобар избор, не ќе ни цимулкет американцине дек иаме руско оружје а сепак можеме небото да си го заштитеме

  17. Какви лаги бе господ е македонец, цел свет знајт

  18. It's a Macedonian Sun symbol variant. The Vergina Sun was first found in Phillip's grave, it was close to ancient Ayga, one of the capitals of Macedon. There are numerous variants.

  19. why didn't we use this one instead? Does it still flame greek neo-nazis or something?

  20. бидејќи си ја сакаше Македонија повеќе од Југославија

  21. СДС фанбојови го декларираа ова шитпост 🤦‍♂️

  22. Според мене не е ниту грчка ниту словенска, Грчкото многу малку го има, а словенското постој само во јазикот. Да зборуваме за потекло ние сме нативци во регионот

  23. War is hell. Hope Putin faces personal consequences for all the pain and suffering he caused.

  24. Zelensky knew a war was gonna come but didn't warn his people because it would "cripple the economy"

  25. With the olive green or zune theme with macedonian translation this would make me feel even more nostalgia

  26. Грд е, лајни политичар а истовремено и предавник, и тој како и многу други е причина зошто војна изби во 2001

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