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  1. Aww man I miss the 90s. This brings me back… lol

  2. sounds like we need to build an incendiary potato canon

  3. Yep! We would shoot it from my dad’s front porch so who could land it in the city lake and also slip inside before the cops showed up. 😂

  4. Thought that said so where is my anus but I’ve had a few beers playing cod. Lol

  5. Wait what? I’m still so confused. You roll towels up on the front of the seat and then lean your upper thighs on them? Is it the back of your upper thighs?

  6. It’s like hovering but support on your back of your thighs. Think like if you were sitting on skinny board and your ass hung over the back of it. You hold on to your sink in front and let her rip.

  7. What if you’re don’t have a sink? Nothing around the toilet to hold onto?

  8. Prayers. 🤣😂 but no seriously they have all kind of videos on this.

  9. oh look, Overland Park, Kansas. If you know anything about the culture of that place, this isn't surprising. Overland Park is next to Mission Hills (3 on Forbes list of America's most affluent neighborhoods), and full of not-rich-but-pretend low/middle income Northface-clad Karens who are absolutely vicious in how they treat service industry people.

  10. This. When I’m in OP I’m shocked how much money is low key there and absolute shit people. I am always happy to go back to my yeehaw town that has too much purple but people are nice. 🤣

  11. My son asked for one and I said hell no son. The holidays already make my baby hairs fall out as it is.

  12. That’s my fav foundation brush. I’ve had it like 8 years and I still use it daily. Omg.

  13. You love stationary and pens. You’re somewhere in your 20s-30s (before cursive was taken out of the standard school curriculum). You journal a lot. You like to read, but not bestsellers because they’re modern day garbage. You run everything through the Hemingway app before sending an email. And you hate Starbucks and everything they represent, preferring your own loose leaf tea every 3 hours.

  14. My son did cursive writing in his 3rd grade class last year.

  15. It's safer to let the person leave and it's what stores instruct employees to do. No argument there.

  16. Yeah nothing in that store is worth a life. We would get in trouble at Home Depot if we even approached the thief.

  17. I would argue a .10 letter that's torn is worth more than the life of the guy who pushed him over.

  18. You could watch a ‘how to diaper a baby efficiently’ video on 11 and then comment wow I never saw something like this before. Look babe!!

  19. It’s ridiculous how much we have to coddle these guys. I do these types of techniques with my husband and it’s just so much extra work to soften the blow of their incompetence.

  20. My husband is defensive of his knowledge sometimes. Like not trusting the dryer sensor on regular to dry his clothes effectively so he sets it to heavy duty and wonders why his shirts shrink. He refuses my help on this. Idk. It’s a weird hill to be on but I normally let them just stay on it. Lol

  21. Are you still attending classes? You could see about an emergency loan through their financial aid office or student services?

  22. All three colleges I have worked for have some sort of emergency loan. It usually was like $500 max or something. If not, reach out to your veteran student services or SVA for assistance. They can help too!

  23. My pediatrician said the vitamin d in formula was enough and we don’t need to give supplements

  24. I always forget Texas doesn’t require cosmetology tattoo licenses. 😩

  25. A fever is a good thing and it means there’s a good immuno reaction to the vaccine. Do a cool bath and stop karening.

  26. I literally just said this and then deleted it because you said the same thing so there's no reason for a repeat! Yes! Can you fucking imagine if it was Barker??? Ohhh shit!!

  27. It can’t be barker. They don’t share a child together to have a half sibling guys.

  28. If he can’t handle you at your worst, he doesn’t deserve you at your best.

  29. He seems to be smiling but really he’s too hot with all those cloths on and has his mouth opened to help him cool.

  30. He actually got super excited when I put it on and did zoomies around the house. He only had it on 2 minutes at this point

  31. This is why I thought it was a smile. I haven’t seen him do zoomies since his brother beagle died last year!!

  32. Trying not to give any spoilers, but I'm absolutely loving Serena's plot line in the latest season!

  33. I’ll come back and comment when I watch it. Lol

  34. She was wearing Johns shirt in the kitchen. I think summer says something about doing something hard. Pun intended. 🤢

  35. Pre-parent me would be grossed out at this body fluid. Post-parent me is like bravo but still not really something needed for the gram.

  36. The green needs to be more forest-y. Looks kinda like blah.

  37. My kid has asked me to do this and I refuse. He’s 7 and I told him it’s fake and I don’t have the time or patience to set up some shit every nite. 😂😂

  38. Oh and I just tell my kids there’s cameras everywhere and Santa is watching that way. 😂😂

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