1. I don’t remember the theory or if its even a theory, but for me its that what if nothing was real and never existed. Are families and loved ones never were real. You aren’t real. Im not real. Are children aren’t real. Are governments aren’t real. Nothing is real

  2. Kinda like a dream state? I think this kind of goes hand in hand with the theory that “ im the only person on earth , and im so lonely that I made up all the people in my life to feel okay”

  3. That aliens either exist or they don’t. Either scenario is scary given how much space out there there is.

  4. i don't know, ask your fiance about it. it's kinda weird that you wouldn't know what their reaction to you asking that would be since ya know, they're your fiance, you should be able to talk and communicate with them.

  5. Lmaooooo please . If I wanted to ask her I would , but clearly I’m asking for the general publics opinion 🤡

  6. but why are you asking the general public? it's not like anyone here is going to know what your fiance would think any better than you or anyone else, people have extremely varying opinions about what they think is a nice way to be approached for sex. the only way you're going to know what your fiance thinks is by asking her.

  7. Also , for me , if my friend had a “ play room “ like BRUH , all I got is a toy chest 😂

  8. I was like this in the beginning of my relationship too! So what I did was came up with my own silly cute fun nicknames for her , and then eventually all the other “pet names” came naturally .

  9. Panda! They also have such a cushiony life for a species being nearly extinct

  10. Yessss! Red pandas are my FAVORITE fucking animal! Ugh I love them ❤️

  11. Definitely dolphins. They’re always playing and smiling already.

  12. Told my mom I was trans when I was 14. She told me I wasn't, forced me to go to therapy, and forced me back into the closet. Now I'm almost 21, still stuck living at home, and still miserable. Good shit.

  13. Man I miss getting high I live in Japan that shit is super illegal here like I’m talking serious serious jail time for even like the smallest amount

  14. Depends on the context. If you're at home bby yourself. Definitely not trashy, if you have a dress/ pants long enough to cover your box definitely not trashy. If you're completely naked and in public outside a nudist comune yes trashy. If you're out with friends and have a short skirt and you're about to have a sex fueled night definitely not trashy. If you're at any other event with a short skirt like a kids party or non sexual event then yes it's trashy

  15. As someone who moved in with “ I’ll do all the cleaning as long as you do dishes “ doesn’t always hold up lol eventually she’ll get tired of doing all of that and want some help .

  16. Her story is such bullshit to me . 41 whacks and claims self defense ? Foh

  17. I mean that part is obviously bullshit. I just mean if you're using an axe it shouldn't take 41 hits. Maybe 4 tops.

  18. That’s what I’m saying . She had to have been at least not moving after like the 3rd or 4th blow . Just absolutely evil to do that an additional 37 times smh

  19. There's not a more beautiful place on the planet then the great smokey mountains and the underground caverns and waterfalls you can go explore, also if your keen on motorcycles you could always drive the blue ridge parkway, tail of the dragon, or even the cheriholla skyway.

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